Physical Card Aesthetics

Hi Everyone,

I just want to comment on the actual look and feel of the new MasterCard. I never had the old prepaid Visa card. However, I must say this card looks a lot cheaper in its design and quality from what I can tell. It does not have any of the regular features that you would typically see with a debit card. I talking purely in terms of aesthetic features. There are no raised numbers etc.

Overall, looking at the current card, it looks like I now have a cheap prepaid card that I could have picked up from the post office and not one from a legitimate bank.

Is someone able to comment on whether this design will stay or will there be better iterations of the current MasterCard? I do hope that this is not the last version of the card as personally. I suggest you give the community a chance to vote and review the design and physical features of the next card if there is one?

I actually like the clean design of the card, it’s minimalist without sacraficing functionality as all the details are on the back of the card. Personally a black/white background with a pink logo would be pretty nice but of course that’s just personal preference.

As for the feel and quality of the card, which I probably won’t be the best example as I use Google Pay almost exclusively, is on par if not slightly better than other cards thanks to the matte finish on the card. I’ve had bank cards peel and discolour but not my xinja card. Once again this might be because of lack of use.

But everyone has their own tastes, and I agree with the statement that the community should have a say in designing the card.

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You guys are about 18 months late to the party. There was involvement from the community in regard to card design - albeit a very small group of Sydney based community members.

There are also other posts on here about this very topic…the search bar will guide you there.

Hi @wasdman - one thing to point out is that the LACK of embossed numbers is in fact a sign that the card is more up to date. The embossed numbers are required so rarely these days (they were designed for the old machines so if you put a carbon copy credit card document in that manual machine you could imprint the numbers on the carbon) so more and more banks worldwide are not going non embossed. If you look at neobanks particularly globally they do not have raised numbers etc. We did put the card out to the community however whilst we got a majority, there was not consensus. Some people don’t like the pink (and they speak out) but in the quantitative poll we got 98% support for pink. The finish on the card was not the cheapest and having a rainbow edge was also deliberat to make it stand out in the wallet. We will be putting the next iteration out to vote probably at the end of this year.

Ooh I would love to have a say in the look of the new iteration of the card. I didn’t the last time around :sunglasses:

Out of interest…a couple of previous conversations on cards dating back to give you a sense

plus a wee video we did about the card journey

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@CaptainXinja - Thanks for this. So cute. I remember receiving the Xinja welcome
pack and being so amused by it - ofc I saved it all (because I’m that kind of person!) :blush:

I personally don’t care what the card looks like. I am much more interested in functionality than aesthetics or zanyness. I understand that aesthetics are important to some (?most) people, and that Xinja wants to stand out from the crowd, but Xinja should also be aware that not all of their customers share those concerns.


@wasdman For the time being, I suggest purchasing credit card skins that you can choose to customise yourself or use pre - existing designs. They’re really aesthetically pleasing and I would recommend it.

I suggest