Pots like Monzo?

Hi All, I’ve just moved back to Aus from the UK and have signed up with Xinja, very excited to receive my card and get started. I used Monzo in the UK and LOVED it! Particularly, being able to create ‘pots’ for different areas of spending in my life ie. rent/mortgage, bills/utilities, personal care, holidays etc. Is this a feature Xinja plan to incorporate in their offering at any point? Thanks!


Welcome to the Xinja Community, where good ideas come to die.


Hi @naidan - welcome to the community! :wave: We’re excited to have you on board :smile:

This is a feature that we’d love to offer down the track, but isn’t on our roadmap of plans for the immediate future at the moment.


Hi xinjalotto, thanks for your response and the welcome :slightly_smiling_face:
Ok good to know. I found this feature really useful for budgeting so look forward to seeing it down the track with Xinja!

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