Qantas Money App

I use the Qantas Money App to keep track of all my finances and have found it very useful. I am also transitioning my primary bank account to Xinja. For some strange reason I can’t connect my Xinja account to the Qantas App. Virtually every financial institution including banks, credit unions, superannuation & share trading accounts can be linked but it appears non of the Neo Banks. I don’t care about the others, but I would like to be able to link to Xinja. Does anyone know if this will be possible in the foreseeable future.

Qantas uses screen scraping To get the information from internet banking as does Pocket Book and Money Brilliant and others including new bank 86400. So no you won’t get visibility of Xinja In qantas money. Even if they had internet banking Xinja have taken the same view as CBA and have been very critical of this Technology And approach. Open banking will help if and when it ever arrives…it keeps getting delayed.


Hi @bennie919 yes @XinjaInvetsor’s right in that there is no web access so you can’t handover your online banking login details to Qantas so they can access & screen scrape. Plus indeed, we are not the greatest fans of people handing over this information and would rather this was done through open banking because it creates the benefit whilst being very secure. As to when, yes deadlines have been put back but the solution we’re looking at means we could offer the facility before the main open banking deadline (now next year…). Can’t promise we will - we’d love to - but will come down to resource/prioritisation. But this will be a critical piece of our infrastructure, so it could get brought forward - don’t know at this stage.