Receipts: sharing/printing options, more details needed

Hello Xinjas!

Recently completed some first time transfers from my newly opened Xinja bank and Stash accounts.

I don’t recall seeing any options to share (e.g. message, email, print, Dropbox, Evernote, Xinja app inbox, etc.) the receipt page. Did I miss this step?

I instead took a screenshot of the page with the Xinja receipt number and noticed that some of the usual receipt fields aren’t included, for example:

  • amount
  • date/time
  • from account
  • description/comments.

Could this be included in the pipeline for future updates, if it hasn’t already?

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Hey there Jill :wave:
I’m assuming you’re talking about when you send money (aka pay anyone), we don’t currently have receipts available for these transactions but we will definitely look into adding it to future features.

Yes, outgoing transfers/sending money from Xinja to another bank.

On further thought, the receipt/confirmation for transfers between one’s own Xinja accounts, and transfers to another Xinja customer’s account, could similarly be improved?

Thanks @xinja_blair – looking forward to checking out the new updates/functions in future releases.

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If you tap on the transaction in the account listing after it has happened, you get the full transaction details, including those you listed. You can then screenshot/print/share that page in any way you like.
BTW, this includes moves between Xinja accounts.

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Thanks @tyrotex. You’re right – looks like all the info is there, just a Description/Comments field missing. Thanks for clarifying this.

I’ve just completed a funds transfer via BSB/account, and had a fresh look at the screenshot. I’ve realised that the date/time is only visible because I’m using a larger (iOS) device. Had I taken a screenshot with a smaller device (e.g. iPhone), only the time combo would be visible. And amount is definitely omitted. The redacted field in the screenshot is the ‘to account’.

Without amount, date/time, from account, and description/comments, the information provided on the receipt/confirmation page really is limited…

Given the function of a receipt as evidence or record of payment, wouldn’t amount and date/time be absolute hygiene?

Hey @Jill - can you DM me with a screen shot of what’s showing for you when you click on the transaction - with identifying details obscured if needed? You should be able to click on the transaction after you have submitted it and get a screen that shows

  • the amount
  • the time + date
  • the description
  • the receipt number
  • the last few digits of the destination account

I’m running on a Pixel so I can check if there’s any difference between Android and Apple but just thought I’d check in with you first.

Just discovered ALL the info I need by clicking on the transaction – thanks! I’ve been so long used to expecting receipt info on the page that immediately follows the payment. Mea culpa! :woozy_face:

Ha @Jill glad you found the details you needed. I’ll let our Xinja Devs know that it wasn’t clearer how to find the details you needed, so we can make it more intuitive in future releases :upside_down_face:

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