Receipts: sharing/printing options, more details needed

Hello Xinjas!

Recently completed some first time transfers from my newly opened Xinja bank and Stash accounts.

I don’t recall seeing any options to share (e.g. message, email, print, Dropbox, Evernote, Xinja app inbox, etc.) the receipt page. Did I miss this step?

I instead took a screenshot of the page with the Xinja receipt number and noticed that some of the usual receipt fields aren’t included, for example:

  • amount
  • date/time
  • from account
  • description/comments.

Could this be included in the pipeline for future updates, if it hasn’t already?

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Hey there Jill :wave:
I’m assuming you’re talking about when you send money (aka pay anyone), we don’t currently have receipts available for these transactions but we will definitely look into adding it to future features.

Yes, outgoing transfers/sending money from Xinja to another bank.

On further thought, the receipt/confirmation for transfers between one’s own Xinja accounts, and transfers to another Xinja customer’s account, could similarly be improved?

Thanks @xinja_blair – looking forward to checking out the new updates/functions in future releases.

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