Reminder that prepaid cards will discontinue

Public service announcement if you haven’t already heard:

Reminder: Prepaid Card closes FROM SUN 1st Dec so spend your money or call 1800946527 (+61 2 85988525 from overseas) to transfer to your Xinja/other bank acct.

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Thanks @XinjaPat :ninja_emojis_pink_03: If you’ve not opened a bank account yet, you can also close the prepaid card and transfer any remaining funds as you go thru.

I haven’t got a bank account yet. Still waiting for my invite :smiley:

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That’s weird…everyone with a prepaid card should have been invited. For Xinja, do you use the same email as for this forum? ending ?

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Rain starts appearing against the window I am looking through and all by myself song starts playing in background

Haha maybe I am the only one who missed out. Can you please do some magic and make it happen :smiley: thank you muchly

:rofl:On it! @XinjaPat - will assume same email

Hey @XinjaPat you are definitely ready to go so just head to the app or playstore and download the app (if you haven’t already…), tap on ‘let’s go’ and follow the prompts. You’ll need a drivers licence or passport of medicare card - will only take a couple of mins. You’ll be asked to re-verify your email (seems a bit crazy for our prepaid card customers but it’s for your security :slight_smile: Make sure you use the same email you use on this forum/that you used for prepaid. Welcome aboard! Cam

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Woohoo thanks Cam. Appreciate it

Worked. Now using my bank account. Without a mortgage offering tho, it’s being used the same as the prepaid card. As a alias when I am purchisng online etc. To protect the mothership account.

Keen to see more features rolled out so it can be used more extensively :grin:

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Thanks @XinjaPat will keep you posted :_ninja_emojis_lblue_01:

Just used it for the first time. I did a tap but it did not accept. I tried to insert as advised and it worked.

Do we neee to investigate this?


EDIT: tried it again and it worked with tap now. Tested at the Maccas next to Your office.

Still nothing about the change except a text message. As an early adopter of the pre-paid card and having (presumably) been on the waitlist for a while, I’m sat on the sidelines feeling a little left out, with $3.77 sitting in my prepaid account that I want to transfer into a proper account.

Yeah I had no idea I was eligable for Bank until seeing here.

But was super impressed by the speed my xard came out. More than 2x faster than my big bank.

Also noticed its missing Bpay so I cant pay some bills using my Xinja account.

Will we have Osko platform too? I miss the instant transfer speeds I get with my other bank.

Also any way to deposit cash into the account?


:wave: @XinjaPat, sorry for the delayed response.
I’m quite new at Xinja so need to check a few deets before I can answer you properly.
Back tomorrow with more clarity. Thanks for your patience.:pray:

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