Responsible Returns

Hi team,

I am not sure if it has been covered elsewhere, but when the banking products launch, I am curious about how much of an explicit focus there will be on factors relating to ethics, sustainability, screening etc. etc.

As a young (soon to be) bank and as something that is of increasing awareness, it seems like a focus could be given to really take the lead. It could be a strong selling point - new digital meets old world, timeless “giving a s***”.

I know about the Golden Rules, but just curious about more direct references in the products themselves.


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Hey @yogi - yes it has been covered. We are not investing at the moment - but when we do, we’ve taken the decision to invest ethically. We will follow a policy of only directly investing in sustainable and socially responsible companies - for example we will not directly invest in either fossil fuels, or the tobacco industry. We’ll publish more on that when we get there. These tools that are popping up are interesting - there’s one that allows you to evaluate your existing portfolio which is great! :ninja_emojis_pink_03: