Roll up to Round-up & 1.4 App Release notes

Hi Xinjas :ninja_emojis_pink_03:

Introducing Round-up! Save without even noticing. Set it to round up transactions to nearest $1 or $5 straight into Stash. Easy. :raised_hands: Check out the blog here :slightly_smiling_face:

For more deets, here are the app release notes on what we’ve done:

:iphone:1.4 iOS

  • New feature: Round-up - set automatic round-ups to the nearest $1 or $5 into your Stash account for painless saving
  • Handy feature horizontal scroll on home screen
  • Pay & Transfer Menu is now a bit snappier
  • Bank Account card on the home screen now won’t scroll left or right
  • Fixed: Sometimes you get logged out entirely when you open the app with a poor or no internet connection
  • Fixed: We now accept old-school 7-digit TFNs
  • Fixed: Sometimes after providing a TFN or exemption reason, it continues to say Not Provided
  • Fixed: Stash Account does not load older transactions
  • Fixed: When you try to add a payee you previously added, we’ll give you a warning that makes a bit more sense

:iphone:1.4 android

  • New feature: Round-up
  • Handy horizontal scroll on home screen
  • Better layout on “Stash - Learn More” screen
  • After card lock, change PIN button consumes less of screen.
  • BSB now appears on Send Money Summary
  • Keyboard now shows properly if incorrect passcode entered.
  • You can now transfer > $99,999 between Stash & Transaction accounts.

Yay grats team! Would like to know why you’ve selected $10 as a cut off to round up?

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Thanks @Jax :tada: do you mean why have we chosen to not round up transactions if your account is below $10?

And you also secretly added the ability to remove expired or unused top up cards. Good work peeps :wink:

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@brett we sure did! This way you just see what you’re actually using, crazy huh :laughing:

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I noticed the start-up animation is a lot quicker now too - thanks for that!

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  1. Is the “Round up & Save” icon supposed to do anything? As it’s prominent on the screen, I’ve tapped it repeatedly, but nothing happens

  2. What’s the point of the card animation? If the back of the card showed your details, I could see some value.

  3. Why is the card section soooo much bigger than the Stash?

  4. Thank you for fixing the ‘Transfer’ icon/scrolling, so that it no longer covers the earliest transaction.

So @Jax, I did some digging and basically we had to draw a line somewhere as to where the minimum balance should be, it could have been $5, it could have been $50, but we went with $10 because we felt was low enough that the customer could still use Round Up on most purchases, but not too low to risk getting into negative balance

With regards to whether we would let customers select their own minimum balance in future, everything is possible! But only if lots of customers ask for it.
We will only prioritise to build something if lots of customers are wanting it - so not a NO, but not a YES either… we will see what customer feedback is on this feature over time. And of course let us know if it’s important to you!

@Arose62 good point on all those bits of feedback, I’ve passed it on to our dev team and see if I can get some more information or at least inform some of the future updates

Hi @Arose62 - question - presume you haven’t set up ‘Round-up’ yet? That icon shouldn’t appear if you have. If you haven’t it should definitely take you to Round-up…please let us know - thanks so much

Ok, I turned Round-Up on, then off, and now the icon takes me to the Round-up settings.

But, if I don’t want to use Round-up (and I definitely DON’T) am I going to have to put up with the Round-up icon all the time?

If you force me to look at the Round-up settings once, can you trust that I know what I want, and get rid of the icon at the top of the main screen. Please?


You can turn it off. Put finger on and hold and delete option comes up (like an app delete). Image below. Also, in the next couple of months, any button will be rules driven which means it comes out of the rotation automatically after a specific number of app sessions if you haven’t clicked on it AND if you’ve clicked on it but not set up round-up.


@CaptainXinja I agree with @Arose62. I’m not interested in Round Ups and don’t want to see it cluttering up the home screen more than it already is.

I’ve tried long pressing the Round Ups button, the cross appears but is not selectable. So its basically a long press to make a cross appear and a long press again to make the cross disappear. No option to select the cross and have the icon removed. Android.

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Ok, I’ve deleted the Round-up icon. Yay! And thank you.

Now, just make the ‘panels’ for the account, and the stash, the same size, and I’ll be happy :grin:

(but, having learned about the long-press, I’m going to see if I can resize or reorder them…)



Hi @brett so we’ve had one other instance of this not working on Android. We do have a fix but will have to wait for v 1.5 Aiming for next week for 1.5.

Hi @Arose62 so we’re re-doing card image on home screen - mock up here

@CaptainXinja no probs thanks for letting me know.

Don’t want to sound like a killjoy, but I’m not a fan of that home screen mock up. It actually makes the issue that a lot of people are complaining about even worse… the transactions listed on the home screen are not required. What I’d like to see is the actual account tiles themselves being as small as those transaction tiles.

At the moment the account tiles are far to big, and you’re about to make them even bigger :woozy_face:


Hi thanks @brett - we’ve had quite a few people complaining they want to see first few transactions on first screen without having to go further…this design is not yet fixed so will feedback additional POV…

Ok, glad it’s not locked in. Just my opinion of course, but the home screen should be an overview of all accounts, preferably without scrolling, but that will depend on how many accounts people end up with.

One press on the account is all it takes to see the transaction list, so I wouldn’t be compromising the home screen experience based on that feedback you’ve had (remember, not all feedback is good feedback :wink:)


I agree with @brett , seeing the last few transactions seems… pointless if its a click away.

Besides, that space will most likely be used by “billstash”/“brettstash”/whatever the bills account that is coming is called. Another option would be to have customisable buttons e.g. I’d like the big button to be “View Transactions”, and the three small buttons to be “Account details”, “card”, and “categories” (wink wink nudge nudge on that feature :stuck_out_tongue:). That would take up about half the size of the mockup vertically, which should leave enough room for the bills account and stash account on most screens and still have their “view transactions” buttons.

I must say though I do like the $5 round up option! And thanks a million for the faster animations! Now to train my automated banking script to read the round-up details… :laughing: