Running total in the app

In the app it would be good to have a running total alongside each expense.

For example, if i spend $50, it would be good to see what my balance was at the time I spent that $50.

I find myself using this all the time in my ING app cause I can see what impact each expense had on my overall total.


+1 to this, I also use it in the ING app, and some other banks do something similar.


Could also be something to this if you could have a running total for categories for a month. I’m always curious what I’ve spent on food/drink/cafes for a month


Great idea! I believe something like this is already in the mix. I like the ING comparison, how would you foresee it working for Xinja?


I love this feature on ING and am really disappointed that Xinja don’t have it, it’s not only very useful and convenient it gives transparency to the banks actions

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Hey @eves and welcome! Thank you for your contribution, this feedback has been shared with our product team to look to implement in future :blush:

This is a fantastic suggestion. I just want to piggy back off it & also add that I would also love to be able to easily distinguish pending transactions from settled transactions. Some banks choose to have a separate section in the transaction view, that lists still pending transactions. I don’t mind that but I don’t think it’s necessary to have that always visible, it seems like a bit of a waste of screen real estate, when you’d prefer to only have pertinent information visible.

My suggestion would be to have the pending transactions just listed within the transaction view as per usual but have them highlighted or bold or have a box around them or something. What would be ideal, at some point in the future, would be to have search/filter options, and one of those options could be to only show pending transactions.

The running total along the side is a fantastic suggestion for now. All these features come together to help the end user easily verify their transactions, see if they’ve been overcharged or if the transactions and the available balance don’t add up etc.

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