Salary unable to deposit

I tried to change my current salary deposit to Xinja and it keeps coming back the BSB you have provided is not valid and I did enter correct BSB 775775

You’ll have to contact your HR department and get them to add Xinja as a valid bank. I had my secondary income source have the same issue, and it took them a while to work out how to add a valid BSB and account number.
When they first launched, the ATO accepted the details, but Medicare didn’t!

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Was politely ushered out the door that it’s your bank who is the problem not us, so talk to the hand

HI @paloverde888 and welcome! :ninja_emojis_pink_03: Really sorry that has happened but Australia is a bit in shock at having a brand new BSB for a retail bank for the first time in 20 years. We have run into some issues. Part of the problem is that the APN (Australian Payment Network) only updates its records once a quarter. It might be that hour company is using that to get a list of BSBs from and we won’t therefore get added till February - this APN list is used in a few places and is causing this problem. It is 100% valid BSB but they are just working off an old list, and haven’t had to handle a new bank before. To keep it simple, try again for your Feb payment - we could be over the line then. @xinjareader would you agree?