SAP Cloud for Xinja‘s banking


Congratulations to the great banking platform choice! Very exciting times! Next we need the banking license.


Interesting choice. I’m guessing this’ll enable Xinja to move faster in the short term :tada: but I was kind of hoping that they’d follow in Monzo’s footsteps & build a ‘full stack’ solution, which would usually enable them to move faster & have more flexibility later on..


Very surprised by the choice ( and that you are only choosing now ). SAP in the past have been very very expensive and the territory of only big banks. Also give you have just chosen SAP does that mean it will be 12 months before you are live with basics like a transaction account. SAPs website talks about implementations of 12 months being fast…


Ps don’t mean to be negative - happy to here more about how quickly you can get a transaction product to market with Corr Banking stood up.