Savings Lock / Automatic Round-Ups


I think the ability to lock my savings accounts down would be really cool, though I’m unsure how it could be done. My ideas there revolve around either a 3 day waiting period with mutliple reminders, having a trusted friend “sponsor” you and unlock the savings required (AlcoAnon style) or perhaps even a limit on what you can withdraw in a specified period of time, with cooldowns for changing it.

Also, an ING style Automatic Roundup system would be really neat. I know they round transactions to the nearest $1 or $5 when you choose, and it can tie in with the lock to say “you can’t touch this for X amount of time”.

What does the community think?


We’re playing around with this sponsor idea, love the concept. Locking down savings like that is a great idea. What do you think about gamifing the savings element?


Round up yes. Monzo has this and I’ve saved around £10 without even realising it and I don’t even use it as my main card.

As for savings lock down, this sounds like an alright idea but implementation would need some thought, imagine you want to make a purchase and you can’t get hold of your funds. I get what you’re trying to do though.

It’s a similar argument to the gambling switch.

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Any form of gamifying is winner in my book. :grin:

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Gamification is always a score in my win column. Sometimes I’ll even self-gamify things.

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@nexxusdrako I really like this idea! it reminds me a bit of the Acorns platform where spare change gets thrown into shares investments. Though in our case it would be less risky if we say threw the spare round up change into a long term deposit or pays off a mortgage account (for accounts without off-set).

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I think the ‘roundup’ concept is a must. It was probably my favourite feature whilst playing in ING’s backyard.

I also like your idea for having a ‘savings sponsor’ to help you reach your goals - my brother needs this more than oxygen.


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Oh my bank just introduced this feature. So with the delays in mortgage from Xinja. There ain’t much difference between my 2 accounts now. I still use Xinja extensively cause I am a shareholder but as a customer with no association then Xinja is now only attractive as a travel card.

Help me reignite my buzz and excitement about Xinja!