Saw our Xinja posters on the street

Not the most prestigious street lol but was nice to see a familar neobank on the wall


Thanks @XinjaPat!!! Well as least it’s definitely ‘unbanky’…

I am a grandfather and I don’t think Xinja bank is just for youngsters. I don’t think any advertisement which is sexist or ageist should be used. I think we should be past these days. Older Australians have as much interest in neo bank than young people.

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I think in hindsight Xinja will admit they’ve got the marketing wrong.

This whole neo bank revolution was originally targeted at the millenial crowd, but from where I’m sitting the interest is coming from a much broader demographic.

Hopefully as the brand matures, so too will it’s image and marketing. There’s a whole lot of people of all different ages that are sick of the status quo. Release features that everyone needs, work on the brand a little and watch customers join in droves .

I’m not a fan of the current marketing either, but it is just a bit of fun. I don’t think it’s worth getting worked up or offended over.

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Agree I thought it was only more the millennial market as the Xinja platform requires tolerance for technical issues, bugs, defects etc. Where I woukd have thought (in a generalised view) mature customer’s don’t have the interest/time/knowledge to report back defects and functional issues.

My personal thoughts only :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @duststorm we agree that banking with a neobank is more of a mindset than a demographic. I’m a mum myself and not far off grandma! The reason we ran the campaign was to call out that a lot of banking was old school and to highlight the fact that there’s an alternative by poking a bit of fun at the way people can sometimes find their dads - whatever generation they are in - a bit amusing in their attempts to stay with it. In fact the vast majority of people interested in neobanks are under 45 and campaign was aimed at that demographic as we can’t target everyone at once and have to spend our marketing $ wisely. That doesn’t mean all our communications will be targeted or invested in that way.

I know what you are trying to do but if you are making fun of any other minority then an army of politically correct do-gooders would hunt you down and the media would charge you, try you , find you guilty and send you into the wilderness. It is actually OUR generation of oldies which invented the internet and made neo-banks possible. You may find out that Xinja can be very attractive to older Australians as we try to keep costs down. Oldies are also looking in getting a decent interest rate for their life savings without having to play all the silly games with old fashioned banks. Oldies do also travel more than youngsters and they will find a Xinja card can save then hundreds of dollars in transaction fees etc.