Says successful transfer but doesn't work! Now my money is stuck in my account!

Have been trying to transfer money from my account to another account which i have successfully transferred to before but now it just won’t transfer! It says the transfer was successful but my balance does not go down and the recipient doesn’t receive it… It is a Xinja - Xinja transfer and last time it was instant Now i have been trying for the past 12 hours with multiple attempts to no avail. I have also tried transferring to a couple of different non Xinja accounts and still have the same problem. I asked the recipient to try transfering me $1 and that didn’t work either but when he tried transferring to a different non Xinja account it worked fine so it seems to be something with my particular account, which is very frustrating as now my money is stuck! I cannot even try withdrawing from an ATM as i have not received my debit card yet and because its a Saturday, there is no one available for customer support! I was very excited about banking with one of these new neobanks but unfortunately its not off to a good start at all!..

Has anyone else had any similar issues?

Hi @Julien and welcome - I’m sorry to hear you have been having these issues with your account.

If you haven’t done so already, could you please jump on one of the following support channels and our team can take a closer look into your account from there:

  • Live in-app chat (top right hand corner of the main page of your Xinja app, this one is easiest!)
  • Over the phone on 1800 946 527

We’ll just need to run through a quick set of security questions and will look to have this sorted out ASAP! :blush:

Yes i have spoken with them… Now they’re asking me for all these documents. The only reason i opened an account is because i lost my wallet and had to create a new bank account anyway so i don’t have a drivers license until i receive my replacement ID which can take up to 10 business days so now, i have on money to live off for the next week or more! Very very disappointing! I wish i never opened this account! If I hadn’t have i wouldn’t have to try get by for more than a week with literally $0 You shouldn’t be allowed to do this to people! It may not seem like a big deal to you but to me it is! When i finally get MY money back, i will never use Xinja again!

I really don’t understand why i need to supply more documents than what was needed when i opened this account! Its ridiculous!