Search transactions and limit changes for instant top up

Just recently made the jump to Xinja due to several factors that worked against other competitors. One being mainly community feedback and responsiveness of the team!

Three main things that could be improved (besides upcoming changes listed in the road map/spoken about) are:

  • For the instant top ups will there be any increase in the max amount allowed and decrease in minimum?

  • Will there be decimals (cents) allowed for the instant top ups eg. $20.50

  • Having a search function in the transactions would be amazing - this could just be a little bar/icon below the balances; when press on you can filter for description, as well as periods.

Really eager to hear feedback and keen for the multiple stashes and PayID/Osko!

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Hey @Karvy. Basically, there won’t be any changes to instant top up but instead it will be replaced with NPP/PayID/Osko. As to when, obviously scheduled April-June but hoping for the front end of that…going as fast as we can with this one

Search is in the pipeline. Best estimate is it will launch with some other features re filtering transactions in March or April as part of categorisation.

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Fantastic to hear, thanks for clearing that up! :ninja_emojis_blue_01: :ninja_emojis_pink_01:

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