Security issue with the app

Since this morning I am getting “There may be a security issue with the app so please… Oops… Something went wrong. Please try again or chat to us”.

I uninstalled and reinstalled, rebooted, even switched VPN off in case that’s the issue. So, I can’t log in at all! Really troublesome as there is no online banking with Xinja as an alternative.

Anyone else getting this?

Hi @Fumbi - I haven’t heard this from anyone else at this point but we’ll investigate. Can you let me know whether you’re on android or iOS to start?

I’ve checked internally and we haven’t (yet) seen any other reports of this issue, can you check to make sure your device is compliant with our security requirements?

There is some general info on mobile compatibility and rooted or jailbroken devices that might have clues, if this doesn’t help I’d recommend jumping on the :telephone_receiver: (1800 946 527) with our Xinjarati who can talk you through some troubleshooting :dart:

Thanks for the tip!!

I installed Magisk Manager yesterday so that must have been the issue. Unistalled it now and Xinja works again!

Interesting though how just the presence of the Manager app prevented Xinja from working. I hadn’t even rooted my phone yet.

Woohooo @Fumbi - so glad it’s fixed.
I also didn’t realise that just the presence of a Manager app would cause issues so that’s good to know.