Selling Xinja Shares

Hi there,

I am seeking a buyer for my shares.

I currently hold 1250 and due to the large volume of interested parties I’m leaving the value per share up to offers.

So if you are interested in buying into the Xinja journey please contact me via direct message to make an offer on my parcel.

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Good luck with the sale and if you have high demand go for it.

I would however repeat my previous cautions for others. $4.08 is a manufactured price made up by Xinja for a transaction ( World Investments) that didn’t Happen and is unlikely to ever happen. Therefore who knowS what the value is.

My guess is a substantial discount to $4.08. Insta investors were offer 3 for 1 options in a emergency round at the start of Covid and Xinja have made no progress ( that I can see ) on their roadmap or promises in the equitise round.

Hi there, @Hello

Have you had a poor experience with Xinja that you would like to create your own discussion topic about?

I notice you are very quick to pounce on those wishing to off market trade with downplaying value commentary noting Xinja milestone setbacks, which is mostly due to the unforeseen economic impacts that all sectors are enduring.

My response to your multiple and swift warnings to potential buyers in the off market share trade is that buying into Xinja should be a long term investment plan and as with any investment there are risks.

It is my opinion that Xinja will reach the goals set and exceed expectations, when the climate is right. With many sofisticated investors buying in at the class D cap raise, and yes the value was set (it is off market) by Xinja, I note the value of anything will always be what others are willing to pay.

I wish I was in a position to maintain the ‘long game’ with my holdings, however it will benefit me better now to trade and pass the baton onto somebody willing and interested in joining the Xinja journey.

Thank you for sharing your concerns with the community at every trade opportunity posted by others, but please note; those looking to buy or sell will be doing so and have made their way to this forum not in error but through their own research, judgement and desire.



Just looking out for the smaller investor who doesn’t understand the difference between value and the ticket price put on a share by the company. I could be entirely wrong of course but I just can’t see how Xinja has doubled in value since the last capital raise when it has no revenue, very limited/basic product in market, appears to have made zero progress in its roadmap and there is a big and growing gap to the other new entrants.


I’m certain everybody is grateful for your timely injection of opinion.

I would be very interested now and open this discussion topic up to those whom may have traded with you. When on the market some people hover similar forums id est HotCopper or Smart Investor and post similar downplaying speeches and in that world we refer to this activity as manipulation. Keep the price low, buy low.

You have mentioned in one of your many uplifting posts that you are indeed already a holder of Xinja shares - this should mean you’d love to encourage a rise in value or, maybe… you just want some more. In saying that, don’t ask me off the public forum to buy my parcel at a lower price than cap D raise because you’ve shot the interest of others.

I’ll keep my eye on you, and so should the Xinja team.


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Look at the share market at the moment. Just craziness in so many places.

Even if Xinja is or isn’t going forward in a way that a person feels is satisfactory, a tiny number of off-market trades for small numbers of shares is really nothing particularly of note.

Xinja can’t legally do another crowd-funding, but I am pretty sure if they launched another one in the next year or so, even at the current going price, they’d likely have little trouble raising funds. And still it’s only a tiny % of their funding.

The other thing is that this is an investment in a new bank, of which there are a handful – basically none of which you can invest in right now. While there is currently a crazy influx of fintech launches, the overwhelming number of these can never be more than an account.

An investment in Xinja is really about the next few years and it’s my general understanding that Xinja is going to be offering a lot more than just an unfortunately delayed bank account.


Touchè @yogi

I’d like to see some more sensible comments here. I came into the community to offer my shares to somebody - as we’re still off market and this is the best forum for it. Not that I want to sell out, I just need to at this point in time.

I feel as though the Xinja executive team have made the right calls on product delays and shifted priorities for the launch of another in order to product a revenue stream for the short term. Given the inevitable large investment coming, we’ll see talented developers come on board (when they can be paid for) which will drastically improve the tech that most are so disappointed with.

We have to play fair with opinion here, take a look around. Xinja is playing smart and will succeed as a result.

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I do want to say that the price of a share is always a valid point of mention.

Do I want to pay $4.08 for one share of XInja? Maybe. Would I rather pay $4.06, $3.56 or $2.88? Does someone want to sell me all their shares for $1.64 each? Absolutely. Sure.

Xinja for the type of organisation that it is, is still young, with not a lot of history to show and there have been delays. No one is suggesting otherwise.

Is Xinja worth $4.08? I dunno.

I can’t do anything about what happens outside of the public space, but if I want to be on the Xinja journey, the general current approach is that I have to pay $4.08 for a little piece of it. That’s just how that goes.

@yogi well I’m happy to set a price point given the sum of all things and more importantly (for me) based on my buy in price.

1250 shares at $3.60 a share. This does lower the value as a current offer set below the last CR, but that’s my position and as a seller what I’m willing to part with.

Those small parcel investors or even the larger sofisticated investors wanting more can do their research and make up their own minds. And my lot will be waiting if they want in.


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I was just messing around with a bunch of random numbers there to illustrate my point.

Your offer seems pretty reasonable! Good luck with it.

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@MJC “inevitable large investment” I do hope you are correct but I just can’t see it. Not at the current price nor at the current rate of progress.

Yes I’m a shareholder (original round) and always saw that as very speculative. No I’m not looking to buy more. Yes I probably should talk up Xinja given I own shares but I’ve never operated that way. I call things as I see it.

If dabble launches tomorrow or Monday and its really good I’ll be the first to use and tell others about how good it is.

Again good luck with the sale of your shares.

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Interested! Wish we had founding shares, would snap them up for an even higher price

G’day @XinjaPat

Well founding shares are usually reserved for founders and generally associated with companies listed on the US market (I thought, could be wrong)… But yes, if these were made available I’m certain they’d be gone given the added weight they hold.

Just the ordinary shares are on offer here though, if you’re interested in the parcel give me a shout :slight_smile:

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Hi do you still have any Xinja shares your looking to sell?

Ah well, to inform you and any other readers.

When companies crowd fund through groups like Equitise (as Xinja did) the portfolios need to be managed (by law) through a third party licenced to do so. In this case the international group Boardroom Pty Ltd (they have a website for more info) manage all issued Xinja shares until the initial public offering occurs and she goes on the exchange.

To transfer (I haven’t done this yet) two parties - buyer and seller - need to obtain and complete forms provided by Boardroom Pty Ltd and they facilitate transactions or possibly complete the transfer of holders in their system once acknowledgement of funds transfer is made.

There is nothing dodgy or scary about it - I certainly wouldn’t trade off market without a governing body.

I hope that answers your question on that.


I’ve done it @MJC whilst a bit painful and clunky forms wise. It works and then the shares show up in your Boardroom account too.

And when I say “I’ve done it”, I’ve actually bought someone else’s Xinja shares in a secondary :slight_smile: and it worked.

So rest assured all reading that it works and is able to be done.

I do wonder sometimes in here the motivations of others posting too @MJC

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Just on an interesting side note talking about the value of shares.

Another neobanking account service is just about to close an extension to a CSF to raise a total of $1 million. They raised the money very quickly.

They have no product near market ready, will not be getting an ADI and has not yet signed an agreement to be a representative of an AFSL (who will be holding their accounts). Their shares are $5 each.

On the other hand, another neobanking front service is about to hit the ASX through a reverse takeover and has had a lot of delays getting to that point. They have some sort of product already (I think), but not in Australia and are starting off a very very low base. I think their shares start trading at a few cents each but hype is going to push that way up.

Similarly again, there was an article in the news recently about one of Xinja’s very close companions having a lot of trouble raising funds and having their current value slashed.

So… who knows the value of anything at the moment.

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G’day @yogi,

You’ve just just described the entire world of share trading and economics.

I have decided to offload some of my Xinja Shares, not all - infact only a small % - because I’m very keen to see where this goes. Some fail, some dilute too far and others do very well… Xinja appear to be handling COVID well and I’m very interested to see if Dabble was the right move over Stash and other mapped products.

All products will come eventually, at which time Xinja should be a giant. But nobody can know…

We must wait and see


This is what I am hoping.

I like that Xinja is kinda building and putting all the blocks in place with all the different technology aspects (a lot of the details of which I do not understand the specifics of).

So while a lot is not necessarily obvious at the moment, there is enough evidence to suggest multiple sort of foundations are being laid. Then you can have all the pretty things.


For Xinja, currently, it’s about bleeding money to look pretty and keep everybody happy with stash accounts and competitive products or generate some revenue to get through the current climate with a left field product (Dabble).

I think Dabble will be a winner for the short term, I’m keen to subscribe and have a play also contributing to the sustainability.

I will add an edit here; wait for it - the angry folk to post about the delays…