Im a new user to the system… Trying to send (pay a bill) and dont want to send it until Monday… (Saturday Now) Am I missing something on the APP ? It says I dont have enough funds, true BUT I dont want to transfer the Money from STASH until Sunday, for the bill to be paid on Monday…
I have now spent 35 minutes on the web site and there is nearly nothing about paying bills and future setting them >
When I search for “SEND MONEY” I find two answers…
I have also included the app screen shot
Maybe I have missed something totally… im sure it shouldnt be this difficult ! :exploding_head:

JUST Solved it — Its in the ROAD MAP - So the answer is No
I will need to contiue to use old bank for a while

Hi @OZCountry and welcome. Yes - we don’t have scheduled payments yet and I’m so sorry you spent so much time finding out. This will be part of multi stashes when we release these.

Hey @CaptainXinja any idea when the multiple stashes will be released? Really looking forward to it! :ninja_emojis_blue_01:

Hey @Karvy - sorry I totally forgot to follow up at the time!

It’s been a crazy month and there will be some tweaks to the roadmap but don’t worry, we will have multi stashes soon, they’ll probably be out early next quarter (april-june).

As always, keep an eye out on the Xinja Roadmap and in the community for more updates soon!

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