Share purchase plan of existing investors

I bought some shares back in the Series C raising, and while I feel absolutely tremendous about what Xinja has managed to achieve since then, I am concerned about the dilution of value and ownership caused by the combination of Series D raising, World Investments funding agreement, and vesting stock options listed on Xinja’s books.

Would Xinja consider allowing existing investors to subscribe to a share purchase plan in the future, instead of locking them out of all of these funding rounds?

Hey @garvintso! Sorry it took a few days but just wanted to make sure we got the details right on this one.
Firstly, thank you :pray: for your continued support and the kind words.

We will do our absolute best to try and make opportunities for existing investors of all sizes to continue to invest in Xinja as we grow. Obviously it’s the right thing to do, both as a thank you for backing us in the early days, but also, as you say, a means for you to manage dilution.

Series B and C we had crowdfunding, which we are no longer allowed to do by law due to our size. This Series D raise we ran an Equitise campaign for “sophisticated investors” as defined by ASIC, and as future raises occur we will try and do likewise.

We will continue to advocate for a change to the crowd funding rules as well, but right now the machinery of government is, quite rightly, focused on other things!

I see. I didn’t realise a share purchase plan issued to existing investors still counts as a “crowdfund”. Appreciate the response.