Should Xinja create / let us use Xinja-mojis


Just looking at the app and I though, hrmm I wonder if I can add my own profile photo.

At this stage, I know you can’t.

And then I wondered, hrmm should it be that we upload our own photo or should we be able to design our own Xinja-moji.

So for example, @CaptainXinja - yours probably should be a fun little pirate Xinja.

And this got me thinking, it would be great to be able to make your own Xinja-moji for your icon or attach them as icons to the various types of accounts when the time comes that you have home loans / credit cards / debit cards / savings etc. --> a different Xinja-moji enxt to each account.

Anyway just a thought!


Hey @weeksy_j - it’s on the list! We’ve already discussed having a library of emojis people can select…and the sort of ‘dress it up’ function would be fabulous! Won’t be in first release of bank account version of app but we’ll get it in there at some point! :ninja_emojis_pink_03: