Signing the Card

I really like the new card except that I’ve found it almost impossible to sign. I’ve tried quite a few different pens but now there’s now a bit of a vague smudge… I get that signatures are probably less important these days with PINs and tapping but I think it needs improvement…

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:wave: @Callum Welcome to Xinja! Thanks for the feedback on the physical card, that’s something that we have noted here and always looking for ways to improve it :grinning:

I had the same problem.

Hi @ChrisLong welcome :slight_smile: Thanks for letting us know! It’s been noted :slight_smile:

Interesting I actually understood signing the back of the card isn’t a legal requirement, was only aplicable in the day’s of the old swipe triplicate machines, I havent even signed mine, I should try it I guess.