Stash disappearing

Went to look at my account tonight, to check the balance. That looked OK, about what I expected. Then I looked down to the Stash account, said I didn’t have one, then when I followed up, it told me that Xinja had ceased opening stash accounts, which I already knew. About half an hour later I looked at the account again to see if the stash money had been refunded to my main account, instant transfer right? Lo and behold my Stash account had reappeared. WTF is going on? Starting to lose faith in Xinja very quickly.

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Dam man yeh thats what you get for going all digital

@Ozhog - can you please DM me with more info or jump on the phone ASAP with our Xinjarati 1800 946 527?

This happened to me too in the last couple of days. Only once, but it was a real shock. Anyway it was all okay when I closed the app and restarted.

I just rushed to check my Stash as soon as I read this. Luckily my $1 is still sitting there.

Ha glad to hear it @Xwin!

We’re trying to figure out how to replicate the issue, could either (preferably both of you @PaulW and @Ozhog) let me know some more details -eg device/version of the app, any screenshots or other details? Thanks!

Sorry, I really don’t have any details except… it’s Android 10 on a Nokia 6.1. The app would have been up to date I assume 'cos I let all that happen automatically.
It just happened and then it didn’t so I didn’t keep screenshots or any details.
If it happens again (and I don’t have a heart attack) I’ll try to save something useful.


For the record, I’ve had this happen on Android 10 before as well; once or twice the Stash didn’t appear, and once I’ve had it happen that neither bank account nor Stash appeared. Closing and reopening the app always fixed it.

Ha @PaulW - all good, I would probably react the exact same and not even think about screenshots until after. Thanks for the phone details though (and you too @dysprosium )- that should be enough to get us started :face_with_monocle:

Version is 1.5.1 It only happened the once to me. on a Oppo R15 Pro. Also a couple of times I’ve had an error message pop up and made me re-register my phone on the app.

Thanks @Ozhog - I’ve logged the issue, we should have it figured out soon!

Hi. This just happened again. I got a screenshot

I hope that’s worked but it doesn’t seem very informative. I’ll try the app again and see what happens.

Okay, back to normal now.

Thanks for the heads up @PaulW has this been happening frequently or are these two times the only ones for you? Two times is obviously too many but just trying to get an idea for our devs.

These are the only two times it’s happened.

It only happened the once for me, but have twice had an issue which required me to get a secure login sms, this only happens the first time I login for the day I think.

Mail]( for Windows 10

This has happened a few times for me too - once with the latest Xinja Android version and 2 or more times with the older app version/s. Did not report before seeing Ozhog has already done so and hoping an update would fix it. Now obvious it’s not. Device is Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android Pie with March 2020 security fix/es.

Thanks for the extra information, @PaulW and @rc-reg!

@Ozhog that link doesn’t seem to be valid? What was it meant to be linking to?