Stash interest rate now 1.80%...?!


Really disappointed to see the interest rate drop to 1.80%. Was hoping/expecting Xinja would do better. Will be shifting back to ING with the same rate and more products.

Been great but time to move on.



Agreed, they didn’t even try to match their two biggest Neo Bank competitors, both and have 1.85%. Sure there’s more requirements but if you already meet them…

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Hey @sammm and @SeanBannister

Here at Xinja, we feel that 1.8% is still a strong rate in the current market. Yes, there are accounts with higher saving rates, but they often have conditions attached.

Stash is still “no strings attached” aka not a promotional rate, no minimum payments in or out, no card transactions required and no tiered interest - it’s one rate for everyone up to $245k.
If another bank has caveats but they aren’t a problem for you, then we totally understand.

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Sensible business move by Xinja but I do hope you see the irony in your comment above eg this is not a promotional rate…yet clearly the 2.25% was exactly that - a promotional rate now slashed.


I’m had transferred most of my savings from 86,400 to Xinja. So now it’s back to 86,400 for me. :blush:

I suppose the silver lining is that Xinja can probably open Stash accounts to new customers now. So yay for them!

I just wish Xinja had actually used tiered interest rates the way tiers are meant to be used, rather than saying “our rates are tiered“, but having a single rate for all tiers.

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While it was inevitable that the rate would be reduced over the medium term, the speed of this reversal is embarrassing and inconsistent with the no spin mantra.

When you made the call to make a big statement about not reducing the rate, you effectively locked yourself in for 6 months.

You have now lost some credibility and left yourself open to another banking day attack article.



Hi @anon42385786 the rate was cut because the RBA base rate was cut - twice. We cut ours 2 months after our competitors did. We didn’t arbitrarily cut (which is definition of ‘promotional’ rate). Our competitors started with same rate as us - we just held it for longer. It wasn’t promotional at that point because we didn’t take any more Stash account customers!!!..are you saying if a variable rate ever gets cut it’s ‘promotional’ and in fact it should be fixed?!


HI @Azzy not sure where you got locked in for 6 months from? Isn’t holding it 2 months longer than our competitors worth something? Do you think we would have been better cutting it immediately like everyone else and keeping the money? Genuine questions.


Sadly the rate cut was always going to happen it was a matter of when, (points for trying to help the customers for as long as you could in the time of the world we are all facing) could have cut it from day 1 like the others. shame it couldn’t be for longer, however I did appreciate the extra 2 months at higher rate, it will be interesting seeing what’s ahead for Xinja what will you do to keep and get more people onboard to be different and set yourself apart from other banks. This cut has just put you at the same as all the other banks UP, 86400, ING. The only difference with new rate is still no strings attached to get rate however is this enough. All the best for what is to come.


I don’t think anyone likes to have a savings account that drops its’ interest rate but a small plus is at least we are being told and with some notice.

I have some savings with a large bank and for months and months, the rate has been trickling down and down very regularly, without a peep. At this stage, I am pretty much better of putting that money under my mattress.

As has been discussed in some other threads recently, I think the main drawcards for Stash going forward are “no strings attached” and as best as possible maintaining a rate that is in the general vicinity of the higher levels of available rates.


Hey @TheRealUndertaker scary forum id but welcome !!! :ninja_emojis_pink_01: Thanks so much for your support.

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Hi @yogi thanks so much for this. We are looking at other ways of helping customers given the declining rates - in such a low interest world, any savings account is barely keeping pace with inflation…,stay tuned :wink:


It a tough time/world at the moment for everyone.

Xinja did very well to keep the higher rate for as long as they did/could in a time like we are all facing with the coronavirus pandemic.

From the banks point of view starting out still building its products at this time offering few products, it’s difficult for a neobank to make up the cost of high interest savings products

So again great effort to pay 2.25% until now


Agreed! Xinja did go over and beyond by maintaining their interest rate at 2.25% for at least 2 months more than other banks held their respective rates.

If Xinja could look into actually using the tiers the way tiers are meant to be used, maybe that would have helped some customers with having a higher rate than 1.80%.

But that doesn’t seem to be happening, and at this point, every 0.5% helps.

With a little bit of effort every few months, one can easily make a couple 100 or 1000 bucks more over a year by switching banks.

So without judging Xinja, I’ve started moving my Stashed moolah off to other banks again.


As humans we can sometimes have our expectations set higher than is realistic…this is one of those times…

Xinja maybe .05% lower (now) than their comparable competitors (86400, Up and ING) but their product is without a doubt the most flexible on the market - 1.80% up to $245k in savings (“sort of comparable” $100k) and without caveats I.e. No min. Deposits, min. Transactions etc etc… INGs (the original digital bank) best PTDR is 1.5% for 2yrs. INGs best Savings Accelerator rate is 1.0% for balances over $150k and only 0.5% for balance up to $149999.

So to all the naysayers and whiners… plonk your hard earned into one of the aforementioned so as to free up some more ‘stash’ accounts for those who may appreciate the (small amount of) interest we can earn on OUR money without caveats.

Good on you @xinja_community for working toward different.


Honestly i am very happy with Xinja so far. The fact they put existing customers first before the prospect of new ones says a lot. Founding members often get left for dead when new banks products come out to entice new members to jump ship. But for Xinja however. We were put first. That extra 2.5 months of a 0.45% interest win we had by staying with Xinja shows where their loyalties lie. Ill be keeping money in my Stash and supporting Xinja! I believe we will be rewarded!


Get used to falling interest rates. t’s been happening for years as the government expect savers to prop up the economy rather than increase spending on useful infrastructure and the responsibilities governments have abandoned like public housing.


:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:

The Need for WIN-WIN for both Customers and Xinja

It is important to remember that
for Xinja :ninja_emojis_pink_01: to thrive and
continue to offer superior products and services :100: ,
it has to pay its bills and make a profit :moneybag:
(or at least break even in a sustainable manner).

While I am not ecstatic that my Stash account is no longer earning 2.25%, I understand the business rationale. :ok_hand:

:white_check_mark: :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: :moneybag: :bank: :moneybag: :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: :negative_squared_cross_mark:

This is the interest rate comparison, as of today - 12 May 2020.

  • BOQ - Fast Track Saver - 2.00%
  • 86400 - Save - 1.85%
  • Xinja - Stash - 1.80% :point_left: :ninja_emojis_pink_01:
  • ME Bank - Online Savings - 1.80%
  • Suncorp - Growth Saver - 1.80%
  • CUA - eSaver Reward - 1.70%
  • UBank - USave - 1.60%

Requirements to earn high interest rate

  • BOQ - Fast Track Saver - 2.00% - Monthly deposit of $1,000 + 5 Debit Card Transactions^
  • 86400 - Save - 1.85% - Monthly deposit of $1,000
  • Xinja - Stash - 1.80% :point_left: :ninja_emojis_pink_01: - NO REQUIREMENT! :rainbow:
  • ME Bank - Online Savings - 1.80% - 4 tap & go™ Debit Card Transactions
  • Suncorp - Growth Saver - 1.80% - Increase monthly balance by $200
  • CUA - eSaver Reward - 1.70% - Monthly deposit of $1,000
  • UBank - USave - 1.60% - Monthly deposit of $200

^ BOQ’s 5 Debit Card Transactions requirement is temporarily waived due to COVID-19 situation to help its customers, tentatively until 31 Aug 2020.

Information Sources:



I am with BOQ and that .2% does make a difference and they have lots of walk in branches. If Xinja had 2% I would happily stay but time to switch out.

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That’s a great list and very helpful reply for people to make there own

I’ve most of my money with 86400 now, the $1000 monthly requirement is fine for me as I’m still working so portion of my salary(Monthly) goes in and it doesn’t matter whether send to your Pay Account or any of the 3x Savings accounts which also collect 1.85% on balances. and one of the upsides they have implemented OskoPay (PayID) so receiving funds is fast from other banks or mates, I believe they’ll be implementing PAYID aspect soon.

But I will continue to watch Xinja see what they do who know what future holds and once Xinja uses all that investment cash to bring a better product with function’s I use then I could move my money here, this is beauty of open banking the ability to move around to get what you think is best deal for you.

But for now 86400 Bank & Sydney Mutual Bank will remain my daily & savings banks

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