System issue - Impacting transfers between accounts

Hey Xinjas, we’re currently experiencing some issues that are impacting transfers between accounts and whether you can see your transactions in the app. Payments are unaffected - but there are delays seeing them in the app. We’re on it and will update here ASAP.

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Great news, all systems are back up & running :sweat_smile: Payments are going through & balances are displaying correctly. Thanks a million for your patience :pray:


Will you be sharing what caused the outage and what’s being put in place to prevent it in the future?

Quick observation about the comms around this issue.

Not sure if it was intentional, but the timing of the comms on the various platforms didn’t seem coordinated (Forum, FB, Twitter, Text message)?

Especially the text message which seemed to be lagging by a couple of hours.

Thought I would pass it on for next time.

Keep up the good work, unfortunately these thins can happen early days!

Hey @brett, we’ll be writing a blog post about yesterdays incident to give you transparency on the deets. Stay tuned! We’ll also share it here on Community. :slight_smile:

Hi @Azzy Good pick up and thanks for your onging support! :grinning: Forum/ FB / Twitter was all posted relatively at the same time. There’s a bit of manual handling on these posts, so you’ll notice a few mins delay between each channel. :sweat_smile: As for the Text Message, this goes through a 3rd partner provider which we intentionally instructed them to stagger the delivery in few a batches in favour of our Xinjarati customer support team. As you can imagine, customers generally contact us immediately when receiving our text message and so we want to provide the full customer support they deserve as quickly as possible.

We’ll be posting a blog about what happened yesterday. Stay tuned :v:

This would explain why I received a text hours after the issue was raised and resolved.

Would push notifications be a better option? Just a thought. You could always say as part of your communication: “no need to call, :musical_note: everything’s gonna be alright.” :musical_note:

I can understand some people go into full blown panic mode when their bank goes “we are experiencing technical difficulties” - they kind of stop reading after that.

However for most of your very tech savy customers, I am sure that if enough info is provided up front and the assurance it is being worked on that it should keep people at ease and allow comms to go out across the board on all platforms to ensure we are updated in a timely matter.

Just my two cents worth. :ninja_emojis_blue_01:


Hi all, we’ve just posted the blog to explain what happened last Tuesday. Take a look and let us know you’re thoughts :slight_smile:

@Azzy @brett @8rett


Thanks for the update.

The acknowledgment and transparency is certainly refreshing.

My only real observation is that I would much rather be notified immediately and directly (via SMS or push notification) when there is a problem rather than discovering the problem myself. I think this presents the company in much more positive light.

Looking forward to the next release!


Hi @Azzy we agree. The SMS took an hour to go out once we’d identified the problem. What we’re putting in place is an in app message so you know the moment you open your app. We might not catch the first few in an instance like this, but we’d get to everyone heaps faster and in the most relevant context. Has always been part of the plan, but being implemented shortly.