Tax Time Interest Statement


Given when Xinja is planning on launching it’s Deposit and Lending product prior to the end of the financial year. What might be a great feature to incorporate is a push statement which generates to show interest paid or interest earned on your accounts. I know with my current bank for my investment loans I need to sit there and look through monthly statements what interest I paid for the year to calculate the figure for negative gearing. It would be nice if Xinja could generate the statement on the 1st of July and provide it to their clients.


Hey @RackY - welcome to the forum! Thanks for your ‘push statement’ idea, I’ve forwarded to our design team.

We’re looking at a few ways to make tax time easier and always open to hear preferences.
In addition to PDFs, downloadable csv files are in our bank accounts roadmap (subject to receiving our full banking licence). We’re also looking at tagging transactions including tax, so you can search tax transactions by tags. More to come.

Watch this space, and our our socials for roadmap updates. We’re also looking into cross state Xinja labs events where you can give feedback and ideas in person too.

Glad to have you on the xinja train