Testing Xinja card extensively


I am currently using my Xinja like a proxy where I keep funneling transactions through Xinja and topping up from primary bank card. To test the Xinja at different use cases and merchants.

In my mind I am helping Xinja because of the diverse use cases, Visa kickbacks and interest on balance.

Is my understanding correct? Don’t want to be adding financial burden unnecessarily to the system where I can make payments without placing Xinja as a proxy.


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Hey XinjaPat,

Thanks so much for your continued use of the card! You’re quite right about testing the diverse use cases - more info is always better for us. We don’t necessarily get “kickbacks” for usage, but it is definitely awesome and helpful for us when our customers use our products :+1:t5:So keep going!!



For what it’s worth, I have no problems extracting the maximum benefits from my card on the assumption that if the business model providing those benefits is suspect, then it isn’t my fault.
. Working perfectly in England, Wales, Ireland, France, Luxenbourg for purchases and ATM withdrawals and the currency exchange refunds keep piling up so no complaints here


Thanks @TonyLee - enjoy your travels in Europe, very jealous :airplane: Send us some photos of your xinja card in action for xinja travels. :camera_flash: But remember to cover your card numbers :wink:

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