The backend of banking


Not sure if this is where I should be posing this, but does anyone have any links or are willing to put in the time to give me a brief overview of how banking works at the backend.

After listening to a podcast and hearing about Global Processing Services who have worked with Monzo to help them launch their banking payment services, it dawned on me that I’ve never really thought about who does what and how money exchanges hands from the point at which I tap my contactless card on the terminal.

I’m assuming this is something @dataxinja may be able to assist with?

In the meantime I’ll get onto Google* and see what I can find.

*Other search engines are available.


LOL! Speakeasy is actually meant to be a free for all - so anything goes - we had envisioned sort of exchange of favourite tracks or tips of recovering from a heavy weekend, but hey, if the backend of banking is what lights your fire, that’s cool too! (and to be honest, it floats our boat too…). And that is a great point - we haven’t written the 101 on how banking actually bloody works. Great idea - and the good news is I’m @dataxinja’s boss!!! Stu - write and blog and post it back here - bloody get on with it! Thanks Ben @two_seven :wink:


:joy: you’re going to have to move this post to another forum, I can’t have the first speakeasy post be about talking “shop”. This can’t be my legacy!!!

It is definitely something I want to read more about… in my spare time… with a beer in my hand…

…I saved it with the beer right…?

Looking forward to @dataxinja’s overview. Definitely appreciate the effort on the crypto posting. :+1:


hahaha @two_seven, this post makes me so happy! :rofl:… yep JUST saved it with the beer.


I’m really not painting us British in a fun light. Must. Try. Harder. :ninja_emojis_pink_01::ninja_emojis_pink_01::ninja_emojis_pink_01: