Thoughts on app

I Am genuinely impressed with the quality of what xinja have produced and commend them on delivering exactly what they have promised totally within the Golden Rules.

*Priority sign ups for current prepaid cardholders and wait listed before allowing public signups.

*Producing a flawless account sign up with no complicated anything and instant digital card use (and the ability to directly add funds with a debit card!)

*second to none customer support!

*simple navigation, user friendly and Fast iOS app.

I am a big advocate for the NPP, so looking forward to it being implemented soon, but in my view, xinja have provided ways around that like the top up for eg, good on Xinja for ensuring quality over quantity so things work first go, and staying true to your ‘mission statement’ aka Golden Rules.

Thanks! Bjay

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:wave: @exciteraw Welcome to Xinja! Thanks for those kind words, we are definitely moving at a steady pace ensuring quality with all our product builds. Keep sending through your feedback and ideas here on community as we are consistently reshuffling priorities ( NPP being one of them).


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Shame the android variant of the app is completely broken for those of us without google play services on our devices. Meaning all access to the account is lost if the app won’t work (drawback of no web access). And also what happens when Huawei drop support for google android in favor of their own ‘HarmonyOS’ will Xinja develop an app for that AppStore too? I’d imagine Huawei has quite a bit of market share now in Aus, specially in the mid-range phone market. (FYI I dont use Huawei personally)

I have to say I am really, really underwhelmed by the app as a customer. The lack of payment and transfer features is an absolute joke (e.g. why on earth has PayID not been delivered yet). We are also so far behind in overall CX such as not having asynchronous messaging/ chat. I work in the banking industry (incl. for two of the local majors) and am very aware of all of the features available worldwide and the only reason I am even using my Xinja account currently is because the stash savings rates has “no strings attached” to get 2.25%. I’m hopeful that the pace of delivery will improve but have to also add that the current roadmap is extremely rudimentary and will not create any differentiation once the other neos are up and running along with majors 2.0 once their digitization is sorted.

However, as shareholder it really concerns me to see that we don’t even view Up Bank as a competitor (see here). They are clearly setting the pace here with features (e.g. view card details in app, instant provisining, transferwise partnership) and are hoovering up the exact audience that Xinja competes for. It doesn’t matter at all that they are riding on the licence of Bendigo Bank (not to mention that Bendigo are often a market leader for NPS and are not at all in the same basket as the big-4). I can put aside the transaction banking elements provided the home loan product is quality but I am incredibly skeptical at this point… at this stage I see that local disruption is far more likely to come from Big-tech entering than Xinja taking on the big boys.

Hi @P-lauski. I understand you’re frustrated with our use of Google Services to develop our app :pensive:

About HarmonyOS, we’re not looking at this right now but if demand increases, we’ll look at it at a later stage.

On a Samsung Note 8, when I toggle on the fingerprint sign on button, it shows on, I agree to terms and conditions, then log out and it warns me that I have to sign in with email address for next sign on. Then I go to fingerprint button and it is off.
Is that a bug!?

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Hi @nil - if you log out, you do have to log back in via the email magic link. Did you log back in and then weren’t able to use fingerprint? That does sound like a bug…is that what happened?

When I log out, it warns me I will have to log in wth email. Then when I do I have to use my 6 digit password. There is no option for fingerprint.
In settings the fingerprint toggle gets switched off automatically when I logout.
Once I am logged in and toggle the fingerprint to on, the option of using the fingerprint only appears if I leave the Xinja page but don’t log out and come back to the app at a later time.

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Hi @A_T and welcome to the forum :ninja_emojis_pink_03: Thanks for your feedback - it is always good (if painful) to hear particularly from an investor perspective and one with your experience.

Just taking your points

  • PayID - we’re kicking work off now on this - it is a major priority and a big gap we know - it’s a big piece of work so to launch with it would have delayed us so long we took the call to launch without it - as a brand new bank, this one - as I’m sure you know with your experience - takes a while, but it is under way and you’re not the only one who’s pretty frustrated it’s not there.
  • Scheduled transfers etc - another piece of hygiene we’re aiming to get out with or close to multiple stashes so not long either.
  • Asynchronous messaging also in the pipeline

As you point out, there are plenty of features, some of which some regard as ‘hygiene’ we didn’t launch with. The intention was to launch a beta not fully formed product and iterate with feedback as we go, which is what we’ve been doing. Starting from scratch, it wasn’t feasible to drop an entirely mature product in the market, when you’re also doing things like implementing the end to end core banking & payments systems and also getting the licence, all on limited funds. However, many neobanks (if you look back to where they started) did not launch with everything either, including missing hygiene features, if you go in detail backwards thru their roadmaps. Whilst we don’t have NPP yet, for example, we did launch with instant top up, whereas some only had bank transfer without NPP to start with.

If you compare us to others that started before us and have been adding features, yes they definitely have more. However it won’t take us that long to be on a par, plus to your point, we are developing a couple of things (as you can see on the roadmap) that we haven’t gone public about yet but will shortly and are not part of hygiene but more innovative .

Up is a great product - I use it often! They definitely have a good feature set (although confused by your listing instant provisioning - of apple pay and google pay? we’ve had that since we launched them?). As to their being a competitor, technically all banks are competitors to us, however I think the point being made was the fact that they’re part of another bank rather than being brand new (which is why it’s taken us longer than them to build ) and there may be advantages for the consumer for not going with an offering tied to an existing bank, although this would only play out over time. However, this is a growing space and there is room for more than one player. As to hoovering up the same audience, certainly there is overlap, however we’re not targeting in the same way and our plan is to go to a broader audience. Looking at our customer growth this week I’m very encouraged (and this is bank accounts - not just those after stash). Also, neobanks starting now have a long road ahead of them in terms of licence and core build so not sure they will be up and running that quickly. The majors have deep pockets and some great elements, but the experiences overall are still a bit dull and with their flaws, plus they have some big mountains to climb in terms of legacy systems and business as we’ve always said. I had to print out a form, sign it, scan it and post it to ING the other day (not one of the big 4 I know but a significant player).

I’d ask you to hold judgement for a few months. This will allow us to play catch up on some of the things you talk about, bring out an innovative product which our competitors don’t currently have, and then check out not just our list of features, as if it’s just that there will be no differentiation as everyone will copy these commodities, but the overall experience and service which is arguably where the edge will lie.

Thanks again!

Hi again - will double check but don’t think the toggle off shouldn’t occur…can I get the Xinjarati to follow up with you on the email you’ve used for this forum? If not DM me another one? Thank you so much for your feedback!

Yes, same email as here.

@nil @CaptainXinja I’ve had a couple of occasions where the app has logged me out unexpectedly although I’ve never been able to reproduce the problem so haven’t reported it.

I can confirm though that after logging back in the fingerprint sign in is disabled, so you need to log in with the 6 digit code first and then re-enable fingerprint.

@nil I’m curious as to why you’re signing out of the app manually? It’s designed to stay ‘signed in’ on your device and then authorised with a fingerprint or passcode when opened. By signing out you’re effectively having the app forget you meaning you’re signing in from scratch each time. It wasn’t designed to behave how you’re using it.

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If I am not logged out of the app, I presume that I can be tracked through the app legally. Not something I desire, especially since this is a startup and is not as transparent as I would like.

Hi @nil yes it isn’t a bug, it is standard behaviour that you have to login with password if you log out completely and log back in using magic link. It’s an additional layer of security. HOWEVER, we are reviewing all login and adding some other security technology so this is likely to change in a few months. We’ll post back here when that gets changed. :_ninja_emojis_lblue_01:

Are we unable to see pending transactions in the app? I’ve just noticed that a few online purchases have affected my available balance but they’re not showing in the transaction listing

Hey @niblink - you should see pending transactions - just looking at my app now, my available balance is <my current as my first transactions are pending - are those online transactions not appearing at all?

And sorry - meant to say welcome to the forum!!!

I would love to see face authentication support on android using the latest biometrics api. I am using a Google Pixel 4 XL which has secure facial unlock but no fingerprint scanner and can’t use biometric authentication in the app.

Well to put it simply, you are being tracked, as the app includes many trackers (couple google, couple microsoft, New Relic, Branch) so it may or may not be xinja doing the actual tracking and collecting of your data, but google/m$oft definitely is. And then if you are using GPAY on top of that Goolag has all of your purchase history too… Try using the app without google services on your devices, doesn’t work… hence leaving you unable to access your account… (Because no web browser access) Had this discussion with the Xinja devs on this forum and they aren’t willing to remove said trackers/g-services from the app. As an investor, I’m pretty disappointed. :disappointed: