Thoughts on cards


Excited to see where you take this bank and app.

A quick thought on the card you want to bring out.
A card that looks unique and zany that stands out.
So no standard looking card.

Stand out and have it look like the logo ninja guys.
Have a gel based adhesive (to remove and put on a new phone or case.
As well as the standard swipe card thingy as a back up.

That way you get.
Something exciting for people to share when they are paying for things.
Standing out looking awesome would make people interested in looking at you guys and signing up.


Sarge, you’re my new favourite contributor! We’ve actually got a Xinja-Pink card that glows in the dark, out right now! Have you signed up to the wait-list to receive a card?


Hey hey hey…

I’ve signed up and waiting.
That sounds amazing.

I’ve done a lot of work with market research and built a few companies from the ground up.
Colour is a really big thing.

Purple would be the best for ladies according to one of the companies I worked with.


I think purple would be awesome


I have many ideas on funky colours.
Purple is perfect for both males and females.

Red also would rock.


A link that might be of interest :wink:


I’m a lucky one to get one of the cards and was at the pub for lunch today and the bartender said “thats such a cool card, what bank is it?” then I explained the concept of a Neobank and he was soo keen he signed up to the waitlist. :scream::scream::scream:


I may have helped setup some adult stores :upside_down_face:


I initially thought that the pink might be unpopular with some people, and alienate some customers, but thInking about it, a lot of other colours already have connotations with other banks. For example, blue makes me think ANZ, red for Westpac and NAB, yellow for CBA, orange for ING and purple for Beyond Bank. Thinking of it that way, pink actually makes a lot of sense. Would Xinja consider having a choice of card options in the future? Even just 2? I like to keep my “bills” card separate to my “spendings” card, and to be able to easily tell them apart.


Hahaha my man! So good!


What a life! That’s one way to confirm some market research :joy: :ok_hand:


We’ve got some big plans on the horizon, and while the card will most likely remain pink for the foreseeable future, that’s not to say new cards won’t feature different combinations of colours! (while retaining that underlying pink vibe). You’re right in saying those colour combo’s go hand-in-hand with brand connotations, we definitely think our Xinja-pink helps us stand out!


I would love to see a multiple card/account setup… currently I have Xinja as my ‘out of the ordinary’ spending and then a separate card=different colour, specifically for food and another for car costs… everything else is paid automatically

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I’d definitely like to choose the color of my cards when I order them, because I know a lot of banks that confer color as a form of status… actually that’s all of them tbh. I’d like to choose a zany colour like crimson or deep purple. :stuck_out_tongue:
Of course y’all should keep the glow in the dark too if it doesn’t cost too much to make. :smiley:


What do you think about tiered coloured cards, but tiered in your ability to control your spending instead of your ability to spend more than you earn?

So you start off on like a standard Xinja pink, but depending on your skills you get different cards. Does cash blow a hole in your pocket? You’ll get the rubber card that bends easily, to minimise damage from repeated wallet withdrawals. Are you impervious to the charm of sales? You’ll get a cool black metal card, because you’re solid, baby.


I love the sound of that. Could even take a cue from the gamification side of things!


So we’ve recently introduced FLUORO cards…but we are getting push back on ‘where has glow in the dark’ gone BUT glow in the dark got complaints because they became dirty - as we said, baby wipes were the answer!

But I guess not everyone has these to hand…So what do you think? We are redesigning our cards AGAIN as we speak…we’re thinking more sparkly, classier finish, vertical…
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I say ditch the glow in the dark, I cant find my card and its ability to glow isn’t helping at all



So here’s an interesting one, even with the baby wipes (as a recent dad i do have them at hand!) it doesn’t get the black stain off from my black leather wallet unfortunately.

As great as it is, and as sad as I will be to see it go! :sob: probs don’t need the glow in the dark element.

You could always just have a black card with a pink X on it. much like the black Xinja T-shirts that would look cool and have white / pink text / letters & numbers on the card.



ps - Vertical design so when you slide out sideways you have a Xinja logo would be cool!