Thoughts on Libra Coin & Calibra wallet?

Hey Xinjas - we wrote this lowdown on Facebook’s Libra coin & Calibra wallet - as a quick explainer on what’s been announced & reported.

What do you think of the announcement by :moneybag: Facebook & Libra’s founding partners?

Are you excited about the :world_map: accessibility promised?

Would you buy :abacus: Libra coin or use the Calibra wallet?

Do you have any unanswered questions?

We’re interested in hearing from you

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I found it quite interesting when announced, specifically with the stable coin feature that would be employed to Minimise volatility.

However, lots of Approvals from all around the world needed and as FB were a main instigator there would definitely be some trust issues and assurances that need to be made given the general relationship between FB , Regulators and users.

I personally wouldn’t use it as an early adopter.


Nice to hear from you @DylanJ :+1:

Thanks for your thoughts. Lots to iron out - globally :world_map: !