Top 5 "Must Haves" before I bring all my money to Xinja

If Xinja has all the 5 functionalities/features below, I will bring all my money from other bank accounts and deposit them into Xinja in a heartbeat. :grinning:

My TOP 5 “Must Haves” are:

1. High “at call” deposit interest rates (ticked, for Xinja)

2. OSKO / NPP real-time payment

3. POLi enabled Read here: Pay by POLi <---- XINJA

4. No online withdrawal restriction i.e. unlimited withdrawal amount (without calling the bank)

5. Auto-sweep between Stash and Bank accounts (e.g. if I use my Xinja debit card to pay $50 at supermarket and my Bank account balance is only $10, $40 is automatically transferred from Stash to Bank Account in real-time to successfully complete the debit card payment).

So which bank(s) currently does the above?

  1. Xinja is the best! BOQ is offering 2.00%
  2. 86400, CUA, etc.
  3. BOQ, CUA, ME Bank, Suncorp
  4. BOQ - need to use an app to generate code for withdrawals
  5. UBank

Different people have different needs, so their Xinja app “Must Have” functionalities/features are going to vary.

To all other customers, what are your Top 5 Must Haves?

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Nice list! Here’s mine:

  1. Top interest rate. Without stupid restrictions. Ticked! Thanks Xinja.
  2. Schedule reoccurring payments
  3. A bills stash, where we can set aside money for bills and have them set up to be paid from the bills stash automatically (direct debit?). Or allow this directly from the current stash. Only thing worse than paying bills is to have to pay them manually!
  4. Upcoming payments list showing reoccurring payments and reoccurring direct debits
  5. I’m going to cheat as these two are a tie: transaction notifications and real time payments.
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“Only thing worse than paying bills is to have to pay them manually!” :point_left: Couldn’t agree more


A web interface.

I’ll add my other 4 later :wink:



Only thing worse than paying bills is to have to pay them manually!

This should be framed in gold and put on the wall !

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Great idea. My Top 5 would be:

1/ High interest rate without stupid restrictions or the need to ‘earn’ bonus interest rates. The rate does not have to be The Highest in Australia, but should certainly be one of the Top 3 rates advertised.

2/ Interest rates and conditions to be the same for all users, i.e. No special rates for newcomers at the expense of established users. Generally, if Item 1 is met, then special honeymoon rates should never be necessary. I would be willing to accept a slightly higher rate (e.g. up to 0.25%) for Xinja shareholders within Australia, to encourage investing in an Australian company. For the record, I am not a Xinja shareholder.

3/ Ability to manage Xinja accounts via the Internet, not just via the mobile app. At my age, I sometimes have problems reading small text on a mobile phone screen, so this is a major one for me.

4/ Ability to do scheduled transfers (preferably one that is completed within 1 business day) from a targeted Xinja multi-Stash bill account.

5/ Ability to directly transfer funds from an external source into a targeted Multi-Stash account in addition to the current ability to transfer funds into the Transaction account.

There are some other things that I would like to see, but I would be very happy with just these five.

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  1. Ability to schedule transfers from a linked account/bill stash. I currently manage my bills with CBA via online accounts, but cannot schedule transfers back to main payment account.
    Bonus points if able to establish a connection between a biller, payment and bill stash so that the payment is automatically drawn into the main payment account from the related linked account/bill stash.

  2. Joint accounts and linked family accounts.

  3. Ability to make cash withdrawals at POS when necessary.

  4. Competitive interest rate with no catches such as no withdrawals, minimum deposits etc. Rate doesn’t need to be top of the market, but if not then at least close to top.

  5. List of upcoming direct debits or regular payments.
    Bonus points for ability to nickname the payments (due to having multiple different payments from the same biller, eg. Paypal)

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I think you can do this already.

Just pay into the BSB and Bank Account No. of Stash.

You can deposit into Stash from external bank account.

The thing that you cannot do with Stash is, transfer FROM Stash to external bank account.

To become a primary all in one daily personal bank account:

1/ Competitive high saving interest rate
2/ Auto Top-Up / Sweep / Transfer feature like Ubank
3/ Schedule and recurring payment
4/ Bpay for bills
5/ View Balance next to each transaction for the transaction and saving account


Disclaimer - I do have some shares, but ironically, not a bank account yet (only as my phone is on Android 6.0 still) but working on it.

I like this idea but there would have to be some sort of filter / screening / level something - an investment of 1 share is going to be different to an investment of 100000 shares. The system would be too easy to game, eg. loads of people coming in on the tiniest number of shares.


Crazy idea time.

It’s been stated a number of times that Xinja has wanted to do more crowdsourced equity funding, but legally can’t. Then we have the concept of shareholders getting a bonus. Can you combine the concept of the two in anyway.

Perhaps this is not even possible under a maybe one day IPO?, but a sort of… ownership / subscription something? So, you pay $X or $Y a month and for you get a little higher interest rate, a small number of shares, and other stuff. Maybe you pay nothing a month, but have to have $X savings or a $Y loan. Maybe there is a “pool” of shares allocated? Tiers? Maybe existing shareholders are grandfathered in.

It would be massively innovative and would encourage people to use and better the company as it will be linked to shares and other returns. A sort of… crowdsourced equity banking program.

Sounds a little like a credit union / member owned bank, but a sort of Xinja variant.

I don’t know how such a thing goes in practice but there’s gotta be something in there somewhere.

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That’s great. Thanks for letting me know. Xinja temporarily closed Stash accounts just as I was about to open one, so I don’t have a stash account at present. I will amend my list with a new item 5.


I have not thought this through completely, I am sure that there are a variety of ways in which it could be implemented. My initial thoughts were just that it may take a while before Xinja shareholders will see any financial returns from their investment, so this may be a way in which they could be rewarded in some way, and also to encourage them to be clients as well as shareholders.


Just reflecting on my own initial point above.

Maybe it doesn’t matter so much the number of shares for a shareholder bonus or maybe just a small / sustainable minimum. Some level of equality.


Absolutely loving these ideas!
For those of us inside the “Xinja bus” it is super valuable to hear your thoughts about what’s important to you.
There is not a whole lot discussed above that we aren’t looking at but please tell us if there are other things we need to be investigating.

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