Transaction search for description,amount,date

Please make Xinja bank similar to ubank which include feature of Transaction search for description,amount,date as I have to keep track for when I get pay. The description should have more detail of who pays it and from which bank . Please also feature more detail for when I make purchases at the shop please put in the location of where the purchase was made at what time and what shop. This would really help us understand better of where our money has gone. Incase someone who’s has disobedience teenager son or daughter who sneakily takes our cards. Would also like Xinja to include sweep feature where once your money been use each day from your card account it automatically top up to your desire amount each day.

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Hey @Ysets2!

A lot of these details will be made available as part of Transaction categories :shopping_cart: & enriched merchant details :shopping: on the Roadmap for Jul-Sept quarter this year. As you say, it’s a really helpful feature for tracking where (and who!) spending is happening.

For the sweep function, it’s something we’ve looked at before (there’s been conversation about it before here and here - have a look at @CaptainXinja’s comments for some insight into why we aren’t planing to add it, at least not right now.

I’m surprised that after a quick search in the forum I didn’t find anyone requesting this before (I should be wrong).

I guess this is the very important feature once you transaction history start growin that will make a difference in choosing which “neo-bank” we’re going to put our money in :stuck_out_tongue :wink:

Thanks in advance for any feedback :wink:

it’d be nice to change the subject with including the word “history” if possible

Hey @Dany,

Transaction search will be rolled out long term along with enhanced merchant details, categories etc. Definitely very useful and important as your past transactions grow.