Transfer Comments

I sent money to my Xinja with comments. But it looks as if Xinja discarded it. Along with a lot of other details.

Anyway I can get these details? Its handy for me as I am getting people to pay me to my Xinja account but I need all the references like who and comments along with it so I can match orders. I know it’s not the original intent of the card but it’s super handy as I pay for bulk big order using this card and if everyone sends me their share and I can trace it I’ll be stoked

Any suggestions or work around?

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Hi @XinjaPat,
Good question :+1: the transaction notes won’t display in app, however we’re looking into it for you - to see if your notes can be retrieved in history. We’ll come back to you shortly.
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Hey @XinjaPat,
After some checking, we can’t retrieve transaction notes related to request money or in the prepaid app. There is no workaround. The good news is, notes will be visible with the Xinja Bank Account and direct entry payments (launching soon - pending regulator approval). I have passed your feedback onto the design team. Did I answer your question?