Transfer efficiency

Transfer from CBA to Xinja the first time.
Tell me will take 5 business day.

Personally think this takes too long.

If everything confirmed by myself, hope it instant.

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Hiya @Eva and welcome to the Xinja :partying_face:
It won’t be instant - we’re still working on NPP that allows instant transfers but I would not be surprised if it was much much quicker than that!

mine took few day’s and that was from fellow Neobank who has NPP Transfers activated, but since Xinja doesn’t it has go the old 1900’s way via tippery and you know what they say “it’s long road”

Even at this point if xinja just implemented ability to recieve payments/transfer’s in real time I think people would appreciate this and then work on PayID functions in background

anyway my 5 cent’s worth…

It was next day for my first from CBA to Xinja (doesn’t mean yours will be the same).

Yes, I understand the reason. it happened because I head to forums , which achieved by web and be integrated into app.

Initiated my first deposit the other day, from Citi+ to Xinja. Am optomistic as Citi recognized Xinja’s BSB and completed the transaction.

First annoyance with checking to see if $$$ is in my Xinja account yet on the mobile is that I am having to log into an email and then enter passcode every time. I have enabled the fingerprint function (repeatedly) so that I may be able to fingerprint in, instead. (I use fingerprint ID successfully for other apps).

So a few questions, if I may…

Q1 Does the Xinja fingerprint ID function work?

Q2 Will Xinja message me when the transfer arrives?

The email thing should only be required once. Are you running the app on multiple devices? It’s designed to be run on a single device at a time otherwise it seems to log itself out from one of them.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Only have Xinja app loaded on one mobile. Just logged in again, through email and code. Once again, have enabled “sign in with fingerprint”, seconds ago; below is :Sign Out" - which I always do. Am I supposed to not sign out and leave the app always running???

@Barhop It’s happening because you keep signing out. You’re supposed to just leave it signed in and close the app. Next time you open it, the fingerprint sign in will work. The app is secured using fingerprint or code.

OK. Yes, will no longer “sign out”. The fingerprint has worked :slightly_smiling_face:

Seemed logical to “sign out” as it directly below enabling fingerprint, my bad…

I know, you’re not the first to be tripped up by this one. The design and user experience isn’t great, but the app is still in its infancy. I’m hopeful that once they’re through the roadmap we might get a version 2.0 of the app that looks and feels a lot better than v1.x

Hello and welcome to the Xinja Community @Barhop :partying_face: :partying_face:

@brett is totally right! If you just close the app (by swiping it away… does that make sense?) you have full security - ie: you will have to use your passcode or biometrics to get in - pretty much like any other banking app.

You’re not the only person finding the magic link and current sign out process a pain… we ARE getting rid of it but it might take us a couple of months, hopefully less.

Regarding spend/save/transfer notifications - not yet but we have spend notifications coming, and hopefully the others too!

Hi and thanks for the welcome

Well things are getting better by the moment. Now it is one finger on the app to show and then a fingerprint to open. Much better than the email nausea I was subjecting myself to earlier. And those two keystrokes a few moments ago, revealed my new Xinja balance incorporating the recent transfer :+1:

All good, cheers

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