Transfer issues

I had 5000 dollars in my bank account and I tried to transfer it to my stash but it came up with an error saying I did not have sufficient funds. I had to reduce the transfer amount to 4999 dollars before it would allow me to transfer. clearly a bug in your system.

Hi @Drharry - welcome to Xinja Community :ninja_emojis_pink_03: I’m not aware of any cap we have on our transaction accounts. I could be wrong but let me check this one for you but thanks so much for highlighting this. Will come back with an update

Any developments on this one Xinjarati?

@Drharry has highlighted an important issue. Are there any maximum daily transfer or withdrawal limits that apply to the bank account, Stash and debit Mastercard? If so, is there flexibility to adjust these as desired, giving customers the ability to minimise exposure in the event account security is compromised?

I did read somewhere (FAQs?) that instant top-up has a $2,000 per day limit, but as a new customer I’m not yet aware of any others…

I’ll look into this and get an answer back to you as soon as I can

Recent discussion of a $20,000 transfer limit from Xinja to external (non-Xinja) accounts…

Hi @Drharry the limit should be $20k total for each day, you can connect with the Xinjarati though the in app chat if you have the issue again or if you need to transfer an amount over $20,000 in one day.