Transferring money from Xinja

Hey Xinja,
How much time does it take to transfer money from Xinja to any Australian big 4 bank or Australian financial institution?

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From my experience, transferring from ME Bank took about 3-4 hours, unless it was outside business hours. On a weekday out of business hours it seemed to be in at around 10am, and if it was the weekend it seemed to take until about 1pm :smiley:
I didn’t check how long it took from RAB (since that was family paying me so I don’t know when they hit the “go” button :grin:) but I can’t imagine too long

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Hey @Brane and welcome! As @propoke24 pointed it, it can be a matter of hours, but it’s a standard bank transfer so it can be a couple of days. We’re launching PayID & Osko (instant payments) as soon as we can (currently scheduled between April and June but aiming for the front end of that…) which will be the fastest option.

Thanks for your responses @propoke24 and @CaptainXinja. :slightly_smiling_face: I shall wait for couple of business days!