Transferring money to Xinja

It is not clear (or maybe not possible at the moment) on how to transfer funds from another account using BSB and account number. This would be very helpful and is how other apps such as UBank and ING allow.

Also, I was entering my debit card details for “instant top-up” and came to the end to enter the security code sent by my bank (CBA). Once I received it, I could not get back to the place mobile web page to enter the details and complete the transaction. So, my account is set up, but I have not been able to transfer any funds to Xinja yet.

If I have missed something, please let me know. Also keen to hear your feedback on what I have raised.

Thank you.


I think you have missed something. You transfer to Xinja using your Xinja BSB and account number details like you would any other bank transfer. I’ve been doing it all week and it works perfectly fine. I’ve only used instant top-up once, but it worked fine and my bank also had an interim security check screen that came up. Your Xinja BSB and account details can be found simply by clicking on the relevant account in the Xinja app. Note your stash account has its own BSB and account number so you can transfer directly to the stash account instead of the separate savings account. For a first time transfer to ensure you have entered the correct details, I recommend a small amount of a couple of hundred dollars. Make sure you save the Xinja transfer details as a favourite inside Netbank so you don’t have to re-enter the details again and risk a future typo and sending your funds somewhere you don’t want to. Once you see the first transfer in your Xinja stash account you know it’s safe to transfer larger amounts using the saved details inside Netbank. I find BSB transfers to Xinja to be fast. They show up in the account the same day.

I agree it’s not clear, it doesnt say, where to find the BSB information, I think rather than having to open up the accounts to find it, maybe it should be displayed under each card, I thought it was rather odd spot to have it from user pov.

Other banks have the BSB prominently displayed on home page UI , and if they take up someone else sugggestion on forum to reduce the card displays then we could have BSB on Home UI with share button/ copy

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I also had trouble using my xinja bsb and account number to transfer funds from CBA to Xinja. I had to use instant top up. It appeared to me CBA didnt recognize Xinja accounts.

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Surely you’re not suggesting an ethical and law-abiding bank like CBA would attempt to block you from leaving to go to a better bank? :astonished:


I was hoping that wasn’t the case. Who’d da thought :thinking:

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Please keep us in the loop on this one and let us know the outcome.


After moving funds from the account to stash, it would be great if there can be an auto refresh of the stash balance. Currently this requires an extra swipe down to refresh the balance. The first time I did the transfer for a moment there I thought nothing happened!

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Hi @Chuckmeister and welcome! We agree - the swipe down is irritating. We’ve raised this and are looking into whether it can be instant or how we can force the refresh…it’s on the list and thanks for the suggestion.

Opened my Xinja account and Stash today!

The in-bound transfer funds process has been pretty simple and straight-forward so far, not at all dissimilar to other banks (i.e. enter Xinja BSB & account details with other bank to Pay Anyone, etc.).

Thanks for the tip @Xinjamoves: have initially tried some small transfers to test how long they take to clear. The confirmation from my other bank advises 1-2 business days, but I can’t recall the last time an inter-bank transfer took longer than 24 hours…

What has been the typical turnaround on incoming transfers for you guys?

I’ve used two different banks (not big 4) on several occasions now to transfer money into Xinja. Transfer time has always been consistent. The transfers were done before noon and were showing in my Xinja account early evening same day.

Update: just after posting the above, I visited the app to find those initial funds transfers already cleared. Woot! Woot!

Transfers were performed today after business hours, just prior to 6 pm > approx. 4-hour turnaround. Pretty darn good. :+1:

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Yep, same. Transfers were from non-Big 4.

Wonder what Big-4 turnaround has been like?