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Thought that I would create a little category post (feel free to move admins)!

To share experiences when travelling with Xinja card, what works what doesn’t etc.


Interestingly so far in the US (APR 2018):

  • Tap & go is working fine --> to the point of surprising US vendors
  • Haven’t tested ATM withdrawal yet, though I’m going to
  • Doesn’t play nice with the ‘insert chip’ option for topping up things like bus and metro cards --> guess it recognises it as a prepaid / debit card and it’s looking for create


So this part of the app is cool.

Couple of things:

  1. When I paid in Macy’s using the AUD price that went through ok, AND
  2. When I paid in USD at A&T shop (“wireless warehouse”) it shows the conversion and the amount and the rate and fee

Really nice!
This is a clean explanation and interface. Better than most banks!

Screenshots of the app attached for interest/reference.


Hey @weeksy_j - thanks so much for this - I’ve added it to the Xinja-ing Around The World category! :grinning:

Pleased you’re enjoying the app and thanks for the feedback, keep it all coming!

Enjoy the rest of your trip! :us:


Hey Jason - that’s interesting - so not accepted for travel - will check if that’s true for all prepaid!!! Thanks so much! Cam


Interesting, I tried withdrawing money from a couple of ATM’s here. No go.

Tested Chase / HSBC / Citi - tried on the basis of a withdrawal form Savings and also Cheque - no go.

Anything thoughts?

Otherwise, will keep testing for interest!


Thanks so much Jason @weeksy_j - did you try ‘credit’? Whilst you don’t get charged the normal credit fee for a cash advance, you should select the ‘credit’ option on the ATM as it’s a prepaid card - it goes via the Visa system - let us now if that solves the prob!! Also, would be interested to know if you have any trouble with apparently going over limits - previously tips in the US were causing problems as payments were out by too much and not reconciling which temporarily took people over the limit when it shouldn’t.


Haven’t had any problem with tips that I’m aware of at the moment. But I’ll keep this in mind.

I’ll also test out the ‘credit’ option for cash next.


Also tap and go is hit and miss.

It’s funny some coffee shops it works great, others it doesn’t.

Flat out works at all the 24/7 stores with newer payment terminals.

On the chip insert it doesn’t typically give customers a choice it just automatically selects credit.


Hey Jason - the offering credit as a default is typical of all debit cards as well overseas as well and that’s as it should be - it is correct to select credit (doesn’t incur additional cost). As to the tap and go being touch and go :wink: that could be merchants just not accepting prepaid cards - some do - so it might be common to all prepaid travel cards, but let us do some more digging on that! Thanks again! Cam


Interesting the tap and go and swipe doesn’t work on the various vending machines in the US.

I think what’s happening if the paywave doesn’t work and then when you try to swipe it’s too close and it pings the chip on the :credit_card: before you can get the swipe to ping


Currumbin Qld for a week.
Gold Coast :raised_hands:t4:


Man I really need a xinja t-shirt


This must be rectified! :scream::scream: Have messaged you!