Tune in to watch Eric talk about Dabble

Tune in to ausbiz TV live at 1.10pm AEDT via the link below to watch Eric (Wilson, our CEO) talk about our soon to be launched share trading paltform Dabble!

Happy watching! https://www.ausbiz.com.au/

& for more information about Dabble - take a look at our press release here: https://xinja.com.au/news/2020/media-release-xinja-bank-to-launch-us-share-platform-for-australian-investors/

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Enjoyed watching this.

As a shareholder, I feel reassured that even though things have been rocky in the recent months, things are still progressing forward with revenue streams taking shape, the large block of funding coming in the months ahead and other sources of funding continuing to be explored.

Even though I am not fully on top of Dabble yet, I appreciate that there are going to be some levels of constraint put into the system by design. I think that’s smart. It means that people may be able to earn some money but some of the more upfront ways and avenues that losses could occur have been minimised.

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Hi @yogi - thank you for the comment, and for your support as a shareholder. It’s great to hear that you’re feeling reassured, and we hope that you enjoy the Dabble product & experience once it’s launched.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a shout! :blush: