Unsuccessful transaction notifications


Will Xinja look to implement a push notification to your phone when a transaction is unsuccessful.

For example lets say you have your power company direct debit you, but you dont have enough funds on your account to complete the payment. You would generally have to wait for some email to come through or letter in the mail from the provider saying the payment was not successful. Or even worse - those notifications dont come or get sent to your JUNK folder by mistake and you never know.

If a push notification can be fired off when a transaction is unsuccessful it could help remind people.

Perhaps even have added functionality which would allow you to transfer funds out of your stash onto the transaction account for the sum of funds that was missing for the failed transaction - this means the next time your provider debits the account the funds will be there waiting for them.


Hey @Sharkata thank you for sharing that and you’re not alone with that thought. We’re working through it - push notifications is something we’re all screaming for :sweat_smile: We’ll keep you posted!