Up bank, neo-ish


Just found UP bank, not really neo but some interesting features similar to starling and monzo in UK. Hopefully Xinja will be doing this stuff too…?

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Aren't we the first Neo Bank?

Hi @Nolner,
Watch this space and our socials for upcoming Xinja’s updates :ninja_emojis_pink_02: Your thread title is spot on :ok_hand:

We wish the Up team luck with it’s feature roll out, and are keen to have more genuine neobanks in the market because we feel it is important for healthy competition. Up is not competition for us and Xinja is not focused on Up’s features roll out.

The purist neos (Monzo & Xinja - as you indicate) aim to revolutionise banking, design, from the ground up an ethical, modern and inclusive financial services, without the baggage of the traditional players.

Xinja is laser focused on customers that are looking for an alternative that doesn’t subscribe to the traditional model of big banks. Xinja believes that in the long run, ethical choices will play a role in why customers switch. On switching from incumbent banks over one specific feature we’re hearing, most people at incumbents don’t go, 'I’m going to go to all the trouble of moving my bank because this alternative has one particular feature.’

We’re always open to hearing from you. What’s your perspective @Nolner & which specific neos are you leaning into? :_ninja_emojis_turq_03::_ninja_emojis_lilac_01::ninja_emojis_pink_02:



Thanks for your quick reply @nanoxinja, I agree with some of what you say, but I’m disappointed by some of it too. To give you some background on myself first; I’m a pom and a user of Monzo, Revolut and Starling there, the latter is my favourite. I saw the recent Xinja webinar and am considering investing. And I’m a developer.

I’m disappointed that you don’t think Up is a competitor and don’t seem interested in their features. You may be right that, long term, your ethical stance will be important; but I think shorter term features are important. I may be unusual in that I’m happy to change banks whenever I see one that may be better. Bank customers, so the legend says, suffer greatly from inertia. Maybe that’s partly because they don’t know how much better banking can be yet! (And also because there’s not yet an easy way to move accounts complete with all payments here, as there is in the UK)

Some of the things I like about the UK neo-banks:

  • Instant notifications of payments made, and money withdrawn (I love that I get a notification at an ATM before the money actually comes out of the machine)
  • Better information on payments, company logos, and categorisation
  • Being able to enable/disable my card usage even down to type of payments - atm, online, gambling etc

I’m not sure which, if any, of these Xinja will have - hopefully all of them? I know Up has the second one and also others I’ve not seen before, such as automatically recognising recurring bills and reminding you when they’re coming up. I’ve tried my Xinja card, its fine as far as it goes, but though I may invest I won’t be using Xinja further til there’s a transaction and/or savings account. Meanwhile I’ll be trying Up.



Hi @Nolner, check out these few threads for the live discussion on:

Integrations - which integrations would you like to see?
Notifications - timing and & context considerations?

We’re happy you’re on board the xinja train and appreciate your support! We will provide updates on bank accounts, subject to Xinja getting its full ADI - through all our channels!