Updated Xinja Roadmap

We updated the Xinja roadmap today. Have a look here . Yes, a lot has been push backed. This is partly because some things took or are taking longer than expected. The secret squirrel product 1 we have is epic but very time consuming. NPP was a big project anyway, but it’s also dependent on multiple third parties so hard for us to control the time line (still hoping to sneak it in next quarter but trying to be realistic). But mainly because we’ve decided to hunker down for the next couple of months, and be ready to launch new products and features hopefully when we are all coming out of isolation. You might like to read Eric’s blog on this and the recent investment as well here

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Hey @CaptainXinja.

Just a little note that the screen capture on https://xinja.com.au/xinja-roadmap/ is still showing the now previous version with lots of stuff soon.

The blurb at the top of the page also implies that Stash is currently available.


Thanks for the heads up @yogi! We’ll get it updated

I am keen to vote on the planned features just don’t want signing up to yet another service (Trello) for a one-off use. Could you please find a way to gather votes here and update them on the Roadmap (i.e. proxy voting)?

Hey @rc-reg,

Totally understand not wanting to sign up for yet another service. There’s no way for us to increase the votes on an item in Trello (other than creating multiple email addresses to create multiple trello accounts) BUT we do take note of all contributions and requests.

Trello is an easy, public way for us to track votes but we also record requests from this forum, our social media, customer conversations with the Xinjarati, chats we have at backyard BBQs (remember those?) etc to get an idea of what is important to the Xinjas.

If it’s easier, feel free at anytime to DM me with your ideas and ‘votes’ and I’ll add them to our tally.

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Hey @xinja_blair,

Clearly I have way too much time on my hands.

The title of the forum software here, still says “Xinja - An independent, Australian, 100% digital neobank. Xinja Bank Limited ACN 618 937 054 operates under a restricted banking licence xinja.com.au/legal” - so some of that needs a quick edit.

Loving your attention to detail @yogi and I owe you a DM :ninja_emojis_pink_01:

Thanks for the updated roadmap.

I agree that launching new lending products in this environment would be a terrible look.

However, I do feel this is a golden opportunity to round out all the more mundane banking features that people have been crying out for…NPP, BPAY, Recurring Payments, Statements, Web Access etc.

Also need to try and keep momentum and people interested….roadmap is looking pretty barren over the next few months. Besides of course Secret Squirrel?!?


+1 to @Azzy’s comments. I view NPP, BPay and scheduled/recurring payments as missing essential features, not new products. Put them out there as soon as they are ready.


I have to say it looks like nothing or very little of what was promised in the road map last quarter was delivered and you have back filled the road map with back office work that was not on the roadmap to make it visibly like you have delivered more. This quarter now looks very very thin. The basics from last quarter are now effectively pushed out 6 months. Home lending which you send you had launched back in Mar 2018 ( see posts in this forum) is now the end of the year so I can only guess that actually means 2021 ?

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To echo some of the comments above and looking at the roadmap, I wonder if there is scope to push even one or two of the less “sexy” / non-new product things forward a little? eg. notifications, logos, categories, support, recurring / future payments.


Hi @anon42385786 yes it’s true - we overpromised in the previous quarter and we’re still calibrating to get this roadmap a better prediction - I’ll probably make further changes over coming days. Yes, I certainly added some back office work, for the very reason you state - if we’re late on these features it gives the impression that we’re sitting around eating doughnuts, when in fact the tech team is working more than flat out, so I thought I’d indicate some of the stuff they HAD done in that period. I’m thinking we should either exclude infrastructure altogether or include more of it to give a full picture, and am talking to Eric about that.

There is a big product launch this quarter which has been very time consuming, hence this quarter does look very thin. NPP is a huge piece of work, dependent on third parties and this is the one we really wanted to bring in earlier. I’m hoping it will slip into next quarter, but we want to err on the side of caution having called things too soon previously. Part of the problem is that ‘basics’ whilst they are hygiene (NPP, BPAY etc) and most existing banks have them, for a new bank doing this from scratch, they can be substantial pieces of work. A bit like Apple pay and google pay. We got that done in record breaking time (according to Mastercard who’ve worked on quite a few) ie: 90 days which was significantly faster than others.

The other thing to factor in is resource. We are running very lean. Yes, we are getting a substantial investment which will accelerate things, however not this quarter - it takes time to hire and get new teams up to speed. As you’ve said, we’ve over promised in the past, so we’re not going to promise anything else in this quarter.

As to homeloans, we did launch an early homeloan pilot in 2018. And we hated it. We could not make the system we were operating with then work to anywhere near the standard we wanted to, so we changed tack, and priorities. We are building the new lending capability now and it’s faster to start with personal loans as this is a subset of what you need to do for homeloans, hence doing them in that order. Yes we are targeting Q4 for home loans. Could that change? yes. I am holding people’s feet to the fire to increase the accuracy of the time estimation so I’ll come back to this thread when I’ve finished those planning sessions, which are going on now for the next financial year, with any further roadmap updates.

This is not bringing in features quicker but I hope if gives you more context and underlines our intention to get more accurate with the roadmap.


Thanks - appreciate the quick reaponse

I posted something else and decided it was too harsh, so I deleted it.

At the end of the day though I’m just really disappointed at where things have gone with Xinja (or not gone is probably a better summation). Development of the product has been painfully slow, and what has been developed isn’t to the standard I’d hoped for. I’ve moved my $$ out for now and will watch from the sidelines. Hope to see you again sometime in 2021.

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Hi @mostly-analogue an @Azzy see my response to @anon42385786 in this thread - hope this explains choices and timing more fully!

TL;DR - put ALL the work (infrastructure included) on the roadmap

@CaptainXinja I would strongly advocate for putting ALL the infrastructure work on the roadmap. I’m a project manager in an IT firm and am well aware of the tension between deliver features for customers versus invisible work to squash bugs and just keep the lights on. This work is essential but not very sexy.

If you leave it off the roadmap customers don’t have the full picture of the work to be done. From an outside perspective it looks like either:
a) you didn’t deliver
b) you did a whole bunch of other work instead of doing what you said was important which breaks down trust.

Either way it doesn’t look good. I appreciate Xinja’s more transparent approach but you can’t be half transparent. It’s not transparency if you only see part of the picture.


Thanks @mostly-analogue my thoughts precisely! I’ve got a pow-wow on this over the next few days to get us consistent.

I definitely agree with @mostly-analogue. When I was reviewing your website and roadmap before I joined and convinced my partner and other friends to join. I was looking at the roadmap you had for guidance. I saw it and thought wow, their prior track record has been full of deliveries and minimal delays. Now I am left quite disappointed and have been sold a false promise with no regular updates.

I have since told many of my friends to not bother with Xinja as it is not a ready product. Not to mention the fact that many friends who were on the fence and close to signing up have been given the boot since you have frozen any thought of opening stash accounts in the short term. I fully understand why it was done and it is a industry leading initiative. However, for new prospecting customers it is very off putting. Given you are a new market emergent is it not your intention to chip away as much of a user base as possible before you start rewarding a loyal customer base?

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Hi @wasdman - actually it is our strategy to prioritise current over potential customers. We realise everyone is disappointed over the late delivery of features in the roadmap. We did over promise and under deliver in this phase, and we fed the false expectation that big features are fast/easy to build for a bank, which they’re not. We did deliver the digital pays in 90 days - one of the big 4 took over 18 months to do that work to put that in context. However, we’ve realised that whilst we’re keen for our customers to join us early and feedback, there is a segment that want far more out the box given what they’re used to, which is understandable. We’ve reset the dial now and hope that for those that want to be there along the way, it will be worth the wait, and that (a few) of those who are fed up with the progress, check back in when we’ve got more standard features.


Just wondering if we are likely to see and incremental UI improvements soon?

I appreciate that the big ticket items are on the road map, but I was kinda hoping for more regular incremental improvements on this front.

Also helps keep momentum and the wider Xinja community engaged.