'Urgent' contact number

6am Saturday morning, I have just called the ‘Urgent’ contact number as I understand it’s out of business hours.

…it’s just a recording which states that I’ve called outside of business hours! There’s no option to actually speak with someone!

What if someone loses their entire handbag or it’s stolen? Not only will they be unable to ‘lock’ their card using the app but they won’t be able to get in touch with anyone from Xinja outside of business hours!

You do realise the card can be lock using Xinja app where it says card then you can slide to lock it

It’s of no use if someone loses their phone and card. Most banks have an emergency number but not Xinja! No one answers!


I’m sure you appreciate many businesses don’t trade 24/7 including weekends, and especially now due to COVID-19 it’s difficult for many businesses to offer the same level of service (e.g. it’s risky to have the same # of staff in the building - and it takes time to work out how to get these staff to work from home).

The word ‘urgent’ means if you don’t want to wait for a reply, you should call. Which is fair enough if someone loses their phone & card. I agree that is urgent. But for your case, you’re waiting on finding out why you’ve lost $10 and gained close to $9.63 - meaning you want to know why you gained $9.63? Is this really urgent?

The team operates 8:00am - 8:00pm Monday to Friday. They’re transparent about that.

If you’re truly just wanting to know why you’re balance is $9.63 higher - I’m sure you can wait till Monday.

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I think the point is more that outside of hours there is nothing that can be done.

Banking website accessible from any device is the answer. And I think you’ll find 99% of banks have that. The 1% is neo banks who are mistaken to think it’s acceptable to not have one.


Hi @Kris1111 - I’m afraid we don’t operate 24/7 service at the moment as we don’t have enough resource. However, now that we’ve got (subject to the necessary legal approvals) more investment, extending Xinjarati hours is being planned, and we will resource up as soon as we can. Meanwhile, I’ve contacted the head of the Xinjarati and the rest of the team who are looking into this right now (please see my response to your other comment). Many thanks

All sorted out now. Received a call :slight_smile: