Virtual Card Details


What would it take to implement virtual card details? and do we think it would be of benefit?

I’ve never used them yet, but I definitely see a benefit for those one off payments or signing up to a website you’re not entirely sure about.

I believe Revolut offer this facility and there’s another company I know of that specialise in just this one feature.


With that said, do we need to emboss a 16 digit card number, expiry and CVC onto a physical card?

Could we not just assign virtual card details to a physical card. Say for instance you’re going on holiday and don’t want the businesses there to hold long term card details, you attach virtual card details and use those as long as you like until you reattach a new number.


Hey @two_seven we’re hoping to implement some virtual card features for deposit accounts next year, subject to getting a license :ninja_emojis_blue_03:


The possibilities are endless :grin:


I love that idea especially when buying online from a website that’s overseas and has potential for abusing your details due to different laws etc. But not sure what this means in terms of getting bad credit ratings due to missed payments for legitimate purchases such as bills. Just thinking out aloud

Would it have a blocker that you can approve payments to catch anything legitimate You may have forgotten you used the card for? Or would you only use it for one off payments only. Would the expiry date of the virtual card be short? Or on demand changable?