Visual delivery roadmap


Hi guys,
I’ve just started reading around here; there are lots of great ideas.

I’m trying to visualise what your teams delivery pipeline looks like; is it possible to show a living representation of this?


Hey QTron, thanks for the question, it’s definitely something we’ll look to share in the future; we just need to tick a few more boxes on our end before we do. Ensuring we comply with all the rules and regulations, etc.


Hi @QTron just following up on this- our roadmap is getting clearer and so we’re looking to get a visualisation out soon! At the mo the main things are Android version of the app (aiming for early December) an deposit accounts (subject to our getting the licence :ninja_emojis_pink_03:) Q2 2019.


These cats at APRA sheesh… :roll_eyes: - I know you guys can’t say it in the forum so I will, what baloney, they’ve been asleep at the wheel with the big 4 for years, but try to inject competition (they keep talking about) and it takes ages… :laughing: