What do you think the word 'unbanky' means?


What does the word ‘unbanky’ conjure up in your mind?

We want to hear from you all of you.

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Doing all the things that a bank wouldn’t do.

So like
a) caring,
b) doing the right thing always and
c) ferreting out the best deal for the customer and just delivering it always, not even asking!


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b) :open_hands:
c) :ok_hand: :shopping_cart::shopping:
well said @weeksy_j
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I’ll be honest - it conjures up an image of an organisation trying a little too hard to distance themselves from the sector they’re in. In the absence of additional information, it feels a bit meaningless.

I’d prefer the statement of what you are, not what you aren’t:
Digital bank, leveraging technology to help you use your money smarter.


I could swing both ways with the term “unbanky”.

Overall I don’t get a great positive vibe from it, yet because I understand Xinja, i also understand its trying to say we are not crooks like other financial institutions.

I don’t believe it’s a word I would use if trying to promote Xinja to a friend.

I hope that’s understandable, the head is fuzzy today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good to know! All good feedback thanks @Xinjarebel


Thanks @psychsplash - these descriptors are great!


I think unbanky means not being like a typical bank. Actually putting customer’s needs and interests at the forefront. So, I get that the reason for being in business is to make money and provide for the business owners (in this case, the bank owners), but having an account with a bank is a 2-way relationship. We put trust in the bank. We use financial services every day. So we have issues that need solving. We have insights about how we think things should be. Unbanky means that you listen to your customers and take their feedback on board to make an even better product. It’s not being so tightly regulated and caring about profits more than the customer’s interests.

For example, my bank doesn’t support Apple Pay because it doesn’t help their bottom-line. It doesn’t appeal to their interests because they don’t see themselves getting anything out of it. But being a huge Apple fan, I would like to try out Apple Pay! Because it’s such a nuisance changing banks, they can kinda get away with that!

Unbanky means there is a chance you actually like the product and it’s fun to use. Not just boring. There is delight.


:purple_heart::heart_decoration: all this @heidi_helen thanks!


Thanks for your response! I agree with everything you said. What’s awesome is that, at Xinja, we have the opportunity to make a real difference :slight_smile: I also 200% agree with what you said about making banking fun. It’s definitely one of our principals


its easy to get hungup on viewing the term unbanky thru the lense of the recent RBC scandals and see unbanky as not fleecing or ripping off, but prior to the RBC there was much to dislike about the big banky banks, soulless, bland & disingenuous


An unbanky bank would be one that doesn’t charge account fees and isn’t designed to suck peoples money in any other way.

I would be interested to know where xinja is looking for revenue sources.


“Unbanky” makes me think of all the things banks are typically seen as not being. Trustworthy, dependable, compassionate. I understand where Xinja is coming from with this, but to anyone who doesn’t, I think it risks coming across as insincere. BankWest have a similar advertising campaign at the moment where they talk about having “less bank” in your life, and something about it rubs me up the wrong way, even though I can see they’re just trying to have fun with it. To someone who has never heard of Xinja, yet another bank claiming not to be like other banks, could be met with scepticism. It certainly would be if it came from one of the Big 4, although Xinja can create its own brand image from scratch, whereas the established banks cannot, which certainly gives an advantage. I think if you run a campaign using “unbanky”, focus on what differentiates Xinja from or makes Xinja better than other banks, the positive stuff, rather than what makes the others worse than Xinja.


Thanks for all your thoughts @Leumas

It’s important for Xinja to demonstrate trust, dependability and compassion - vs. coming across as insincere! Focussing on the message outtake being - what Xinja is, not what we’re not!

Unbanky is one way to juxtapose from being traditionally banky - so we were asking the community to voice what they thought Xinja is, through the lens of ‘unbanky’. Appreciate your comments.

Thanks for sharing your feelings on the BankWest campaign too!



Hi NanoXinja,

When I think about 'unbanky, I think about an opportunity to disrupt the industry with a product offering similar to that of a bank, only with a different approach. In the case of Xinja, that approach is to not be tied down by the constraints of legacy technology and thinking that generally hinders innovation and creativity at major banks. At the same time, there is a lot that can be learned from the big guys (probably not in the area of customer service and respect as of late). But Xinja must be distinctly different to any other banking service in Australia and be able to stand out on its own.

I think this differentiation should be in the end-to-end user experience and not products and services. The big banks can always throw money at a problem to implement a service in order to appear in line with their competition. What they cannot do well is consider their users complete banking journeys. A typical user completing a simple task like transferring money or checking their account balance may be using services that are managed my many individual siloed teams. Xinja has the opportunity to implement the same features as these banks but design for the whole journey and not just a small part, leading to a much better experience.

So, what do I think ‘unbanky’ means for Xinja?

  • A chance to provide a familiar banking service that is distinctly different to any other in Australia.
  • To not be hindered by legacy technologies and old-fashioned, risk-adverse thinking
  • Taking risks for the benefit of the customer
  • Open ended and honest communication at all times
  • Treat your customers as peers and not talk down to them


Thanks @psychsplash Gareth - from the beginning strategically we have had deliberately defined ourselves by what we are rather than what we’re not - like you, we didn’t like the ‘bank of the future’ (isn’t it today??) and ‘banking but not as we know it’ (used by about 3 UK neobanks and at least 1 player in the AU market). For our early supporters, they have been much more interested in the what and why of what we are doing in detail. However, there are moments when tactically we’re looking to talk to an uninitiated audience who has only a few seconds to look/listen. Shorthand at those moments can help! But it’s a tactic - not a strategy. All of that said, we are undecided! and your feedback is much appreciated :ninja_emojis_pink_03::ninja_emojis_pink_03:


Thinking about Xinja specifically and what “unbanky” makes me think of, based on the interactions in this forum and the things I’ve read on social media, I get the impression you genuinely want to listen to customers and give them what they want, with a focus on building wealth and positive outcomes for the customer (and ultimately Xinja) rather than being solely focussed on just making a sale for short term benefit. That seems pretty “unbanky” in the current climate! The words transparency, honesty, easy (all on the phone app) and modern (looks cool and uses up to date technology) come to mind.


I really like that bit about not being hindered by legacy technologies! You have to move faster if you want to keep up these days. I know the ATM I use at my bank is extremely slow. You can be waiting for quite some time for your card to be returned to you and your customer information to go off the screen, which is not ideal.

Same with implementing something like Apple Pay, or more detailed information in the user interfaces about how you spent your money or for creating a budget.


Agree entirely @Leumas with the sentiment that this should be focusing on what Xinja is better at not what the other banks are like.

I’m thinking more like the "I’m a mac, I’m a PC kind of campaign for Unbanky!


No problemo.

Here’s some inspo @nanoxinja & @CaptainXinja : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eEG5LVXdKo

Thinking this for UnBanky