What ingenious ways do you date on a budget

We read that the average Australian spends $2k per year on dating (eHarmony research).

Dating on a budget.

What ingenious ways can you impress for less?

What ingenious ways have you been wooed with less?

What date nights have not broke the piggy bank?

How have you been novel without splurging?

What’s the best date you’ve been on that didn’t cost the earth?


Getting out in the fresh air and going for a hike! If the conversation isn’t flowing then you can always blame the fact that you are out of breath from the physical activity?! But if it is working then you can always ‘lend a hand’ to climb to the top of that mountain/hill!?


Homemade picnic with sparkling wine in a beautiful location! We are lucky in Australia with lovely natural beauty.


Can’t believe I just got a dating tip from a banking forum! Might have to try this one! :ok_hand:


Not directly related to dating, but I was having a very similar conversation with my parents the other day. Socialising with friends when you go out eating and drinking can get so expensive. One of the alternatives would be sitting at home by yourself, which when you’re single isn’t much fun, especially when you’re living back at home to save money! Even just catching up for breakfast can be a $25 exercise. A few drinks at a bar, $50 easy (ok definitely more, who’s judging). My friends and I sometimes alternate going out with catching up at each other’s houses, but this too can be costly if I have to take an Uber to friends that don’t live close. I try to use public transport one way though. We look out for weekly deals too (I’m now a connoisseur of “steak specials”) or catch up on a week night when we inevitably drink less and don’t stay out as long.

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Thanks @Leumas! Great ways to save on socialising here, thanks for sharing.
Keep them coming!

Glad this forum helped you in your :crossed_fingers: dating-life :heart_eyes: too @Leumas

We try to be a bit different from the pack :wink: reaching out to our community for ideas, on areas where weekly costs add up e.g. dating/socializing.

We are not a bank yet but we want to be :ninja_emojis_blue_02::ninja_emojis_pink_02:

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