What integrations would you like to see in bank accounts?


We’re working through our integrations lists, partners and openbanking opportunities…

What integrations would you like to see woven into Xinja bank accounts?

Other bank accounts - super - Pocketbook - accounting software - other fintech apps - super - my financial plan - voice assistants - crypto insurance claims - MyGov?

Have you any other suggestions?

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Up bank, neo-ish

PayID and Osko - for easy and almost instant transfer to other banks.

App that allows easy pay detail sharing or a way for others to chip in their share towards something (what currently have this)

Integration into future Xinja mortgage so you can have everything you don’t use in offset automatically. None of this let me transfer from savings to transaction account and hold up the queue at the shopping centre business.

PayWave (dont really use it personally but can see it appealing to others)

Keep the international travel perks we have with the prepaid card

Lockable from app in case it is stolen (like what we currently have)

Works in ATMs and allows cash out at eftpos.

A way to make cash deposits just to cover all use cases.

Ability to buy Xinja shares from ASX (later)

Ability to convert currency in the account

TFN integration to make tax return easier


Thanks @XinjaPat - super helpful :ninja_emojis_pink_02::_ninja_emojis_turq_02::_ninja_emojis_lilac_01::ninja_emojis_blue_02:


I like @XinjaPat’s idea of seeing currency conversion in the app (not necessarily in the account).
Pocketbook integration would be nice, although I’m hoping Xinja’s native categories will make that redundant for me (actually, the ability to import transactions from a previous bank account would be cool for this! I know that’s a real edge scenario though)
I’m also in favour of PayID and TFN/MyGov integration

Voice assistant integration would be awesome. “OK Google, how much money do I have in my holiday savings?”, “OK Google, in Xinja split $15.80 with Sara for lunch”

I really do like the idea of having some form of API/programming “kit” though that consumers can access. I’d like it to be native to the app, but IFTT integration would be an OK compromise if more customers like that/gets the feature completed sooner. I’m aware that there might be on-costs here, so I’ll flag that I’m happy if some APIs are behind a subscription paywall (ones that are server side and can’t be run on the client app e.g. notifications shouldn’t be since client can do that, but generating reports would be server driven I’d imagine).


Just thinking out loud…
I’d like something to tell me that the savings I have in an account could be put to better use for me i.e. I have $xyz in my account, the balance has not gone below $xyz for a period of time. There could be suggestions that would recommend investment of that balance into more profitable options with clear transparency on fees, charges, income etc clearly displayed.


Would love integration to other financial institutions.

For example, the ability to link my existing credit cards, mortgage, super (maybe) etc. to the Xinja app to provide a unified view of my total financial position. My existing credit card offers this to a point - my bank account balances are viewable within the credit card app (two different banks).

I’ve mentioned this one before, but I really think you should at the minimum have a partnership with one of the big 4 banks so that Xinja members can visit a branch to withdraw large amounts of cash or buy a bank check using a cash advance from our Xinja debit card. I’m with a mutual bank at the moment and this is how they manage that scenario. Would be naive of Xinja to think this wouldn’t be needed by some.

TFN integration so that I don’t need to report interest info at tax time.

PayID and Osko for quick payment options… Might be more flexible than the existing functionality.



  • Super would be great…

  • Budget apps upon top of Xinja platform such as Pocketbook and MoneyBrilliant.

  • In the case of potential expansion into SME banking (if possible) Xero and Quickbooks online for cloud accounting apps.

  • Voice assistant integration would be cool.

  • Pending demand and product overlap maybe a connection or two to a robo advisor passing passive yet intelligently ETF based investment portfolios such as:

Stockspot , Clover or Six Park.

How could insurance claims work?

Thought benefit for My Gov “Opt” in integration, based around “my tax from ATO”?

That’s all off the top of my head…



I am all about earning frequent flyer points :slight_smile:


It would be good to include all sorts of payment options/methods like bypay, poli, centrepay, paypal, international transfers, etc and some if feasible listed here as emerging https://www.digitaloutlook.com.au/7-new-and-emerging-payment-methods-you-need-to-know/


Felt the same way… put $$&$$ on the plastic CCard and paid off monthly (highly recommend) but have only just got enough points for an economy flight to NYC and back so not entirely convinced of the merit of the program for a consumer unless they can seriously spend hard without working into unmanageable or long term debt…

It’s an absolute belter of a Business unit for Qantas , like literally a little unbelievable how much money they make from offering it and organisations paying them for points to pass on…

Recently on most regular (ish) reasonably sane Credit Cards it’s about 0.5 points per dollar…

What would be good is if they enabled from a debit card principally so that people who wish not to own credit cards given how toxic they can be still have the opportunity to be rewarded with travel long term. Sorry, just my 25,000 cents worth :roll_eyes::yum:


Totally agree with link to ATO for automatic pass on of yearly earns interest.
That can be quite painful to cobble together manually.


To a point I agree, however without giving them an equity stake or some form of quid pro quo it might be difficult. I agree there should be some form of withdrawal mechanism… However, I would be pretty disappointed to see a major equity or data tie up with any of the Big 7.

The problem with the smaller banks and credit unions is simply one of branch distribution density in my opinion.


In addition to all the things mentioned above, super integration would be great. Working in supererannuation, we know that many of our users struggle when it comes to seeing their superannuation as part of their financial story. Having a tighter integration between your super and your bank account could mean users are reminded about their super constantly and have the ability to make better long term financial decision. Simple things like easy contributions or rewards for spending can make a huge difference.


Understand on the credit card perspective. There are already bank accounts in the market which earn points on their balance as well as spend on their associated debit card. I’m happy to earn them on any product!


Just had a friend realise she sent money to the wrong person. A fear I am sure we all have. Was mentioned above Pay Id would be good butt any other integration to check or confirm the recipients would be awesome. Not sure if it’s possible to pull up a full name before hitting transfer on the app.


Respectfully disagree. If you need these features, then you’re not a core Xinja customer.

A partnership with a Big 4 bank, even a standard retail bank is stating that the existing status quo is a must.

Instead, customer behaviour needs to be examined, we need to know why you need cheques and cash and then we need to help you, as an example, be able to do without this.

A big 4 bank partnership is also a complete brand trust destruction exercise for a new entrant like Xinja. Can’t shake my head enough at this comment.


Three buckets for me:

1. Ease of use

  • Focus on easy wins, but things people do all the time.
    Notification for going overseas. Reckon if you’re going to continue to target people with zero fees for overseas, you should let us ping you easily in the app with dates and locations --> way more slick than existing --> but you might want to partner for epically cheap travel insurance rates. Like with a travelinsurance.com.au

2. Kids accounts

  • To win you might want to consider integrating with Banquer and Kendall’s team as their Australian partner. I’d love nothing better than to bin entirely my kid’s account with CBA and get him over to Xinja asap, but a schools partnership for this would drive a lot of users --> and may even find a function // use for the prepaid debit card with Parents.

3. Budgeting

  • I don’t know the answer to this one. You might want to partner with Pocketbook, but they are owned by Zip Co. so I don’t know. You might want to work out with the Ramsey Group how you can licence Smart Dollar for Australia and be the first to do it. Either way I feel like this might be something needed as young people and customers are going to look to for this, so you’ll need an answer.

Re: Integrating with Buy Now Pay Later apps.

  • I have no doubt that AfterPay and ZipMoney will be on the brain.
  • My worry is that these buy now pay later apps don’t send a great message in terms of financial education / responsibility of budgeting.
  • The two companies are taking different tracks, AP stridently claiming they’re not a credit provider, ZipMoney has already registered as a credit provider.
  • Personally I’m against such an integration, but it may be most demanded, in which case play no favourites, I’d just integrate with all of them.


Oooo this is a good’en, yes @XinjaPat - this has happened to my sister too recently.



I agree with the others on here about being able to see my super balance within the app. I think that would be really handy to see my whole financial position at a glance, without having to go to another website separately. Another thing I’ve thought of is that whilst I actually prefer not to use BPay (it’s slow) sometimes there is no other option. For example, some real estate agents only accept BPay for rent. It’d suck if I wanted to bring all my banking to Xinja but had to keep an account elsewhere just for that. (Though hopefully in time everyone will move to Pay ID). Not sure if BPay is becoming redundant, but if that’s the case then I suppose it wouldn’t make sense for Xinja to invest in it.


This is a good topic @anthony and something I think a lot of people would love. Jeez it would be nice if Xinja could be the first ever bank to get an ATO integration whereby you can get the balances and contributions automatically go through both the annual statements and the clearing house…

One can dream? But perhaps the question should at least be asked!