What integrations would you like to see in bank accounts?


I would like to see unlimited top ups. So i can use my account for online buying. Only topping up when i need to purchase. More than than 1 XINJA account linked for easy transfers thanks. Terry.


I really like the idea of being able to automate banking, either in-app, with IFTTT or through an exposed API.
A basic use case would be splitting up income between accounts the soon as it comes in, rather than setting dates. Another could be to get an alert if a payment is made over a certain amount or two a certain company.


I don’t have so much to add, as there are some good ideas above.

I just wanted to say that I feel quite neutral (towards no) about the integration of airline frequent flyers points. I can’t quite pinpoint why, but… I dunno… just feels a bit… tired? Often the amounts you need to spend are so astronomical for so little in return, that the focus is better off on higher priorities - particularly as you are looking to have a new sort of money product.


Please implement afterpay with your app!


I can’t see if this has been mentioned as yet …
G-Pay / Apple Pay
Cardless cash

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Voice integrations would be sweet.


Hey @Xan - yes - ZTI (jargon for voice…) is on the list. We love the idea of walking thru your front door and going 'Hey (insert Alexa/OK google etc.) can I afford to go out to dinner tonight?" and 'Ok where can I afford to go to dinner tonight?" for example :_ninja_emojis_lblue_01:


Is financial literacy really at a point where people are asking Google what they can afford? Should a bank be championing that behaviour? If so I fear for the future of this country :man_facepalming:

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Hi @brett - we don’t mean just asking Google! Just referring to the fact that in the future people may have some voice device like that hooked up to query their bank account etc. We’re just referring to your bank being able to tell you your effective position - am I ahead or behind in real terms? A lot of people still don’t understand their true position in terms of how much disposable income they have. Many do a lot of budgeting and transferring etc. to multiple accounts to make sure they know (or just take out cash!) but even so have to do additional maths to work out what they can afford. This is the kind of thing we thing banks should do on the fly - with no need for multiple accounts or spreadsheets etc. Google’s a channel - not a source in this context! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Phew… Thank goodness for that!

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