What is the best budgeting/savings tips you have received?


Hi Xinjas,
We’re collating latest and greatest budgeting / savings tips. What are yours?

Do you follow the 50/20/10?
Are you following the barefoot model?
What rules of thumbs are working for you?


I recently read Barefoot and was happy to discover I was following most of the recommendations already.

For those that can’t seem to control their finances it is a must read.

My biggest personal rule though is not to spend money on something I don’t really need, and set clear and achievable savings goals.


Thanks @brett insightful as always :_ninja_emojis_turq_03::_ninja_emojis_lilac_01:


I am a barefoot follower:)


I am a barefoot follower. Keeps my money inline and it just makes things easier.

In addition, I am also doing the $2, 2 Litre Coke bottle challenge. All $2 coins must go into the bottle. Once the bottle is full there is $4,000 to spend on a holiday. Started at the end of January and my bottle is already at 25-30% full. Thanks to $5.50 coffees :stuck_out_tongue:

It is also why I hope Xinja do the round-up options. Would love to set all transactions below X dollars to be rounded up to X dollars and the difference automatically transferred to my ‘Coke bottle’ account :wink:


I reward myself for reaching savings goals. I have different savings accounts for different things. I also pay myself a tip daily which is saved and I can spend every 3 months. I have a personal slush fund. The Slush is funded by loose change. I have had years, where i have had over a grand in the fund. I travel with a Nespresso coffeee maker amd frother, with refillable capsules. Saved thousands.


Thanks for sharing @gemsrocks! Hope all is well with your fabulous :ring:business. Just sending you a DM for a customer story :_ninja_emojis_lilac_01:


Bloody good mate…
I’ve read it twice, It is simple yet very helpful.

I actually opened an account with ING and have been pretty happy…
Like the Roll up spend to nearest dollar and add to savings account.


I place it simply with try very hard to spend less than you earn,
Save and/or invest the difference.
Set Goals.
I try to consider only good debt , i.e Mortgage may be considered ‘Good’ but perhaps a giant loan for a new car ‘Bad’.

However, everyone’s circumstances are different and their view on debt and leverage.

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