What’s happening with the iOS App?


I just got back to Aus and decided to start using my Xinja more. After updating the app it seems a bit bare. I checked the version history and the last update was 2months ago and only an update to copy. The last feature updates were 4months ago for Xinja.me and before that 6months ago for the widget feature.

I understand there is a lot going on behind the scenes but it seems like nothing is really happening to those who want to use the app. Not exactly the image of a flexible quick to change Neobank. Checking Monzo, Up or Starling there are weekly updates.

As it stands, I might just use Transferwise, it has the same features and is regularly updated with new features.


Hi @Ka_Coffiney Max - you’re right - we haven’t updated the app in a while and the reality is we are working flat out on building the banking system and getting our full licence. We have had to make some hard resource calls on when to fund further dev in the app. We will of course be bringing out a lot of new features when we launch the bank account version of the app - which we hope will be in a few months subject to our getting a full licence. We are looking at whether we can get more features out in the meantime and we will say so if we can and as soon as we know. Thanks for the feedback - we hear you and we’re pushing as hard as we can to get more feature rich as soon as we can. We’re actually prioritising sets of features currently and there is a survey related to that that we’re sending out this week so do look out for it.


Hi @CaptainXinja just on your comment about if we get bank license. I thought it was already confirmed from other posts in the forum but I keep reading this disclaimer if we get our full bank license, not just from you but other posts too. Can we get some clarity here? The message seems to conflict - I assume for legal reasons this disclaimer is needed but we are in fact well into tentative into receiving the licensing? Cheers


Hi @XinjaPat Pat - just to clarify - we got our restricted banking licence (so we are a restricted authorised deposit taking institution) before Xmas. This is a sort of ‘l’ plates stage while the regulators (APRA) check that we have all the systems and processes in place to make us eligible to offer bank accounts to the public generally. We are hoping to get our full banking licence in a few months which is when we can offer bank accounts generally. For more info, you can take a look at https://www.xinja.com.au/legal/ :ninja_emojis_pink_03:


I deciding to ditch Xinja I am blocking the card and Deleting the app !! Up.com.au is new it is brand new banking app !


Sorry to hear that @Muzzie1993! We are hoping to launch our bank account and app mid year (pending getting our full licence). Just FYI, Up is of course part of Bendigo Bank so that’s the banking system etc. you’re backing onto. If you want something new new, Volt and Xinja are the only ones with no legacy system/business. But Up are the only ones with a bank account in market at present.


Thanks for the response.

On a larger scale picture, don’t you think you’re losing customers that you have spent time and effort into acquiring through traditional marketing, the crowdfundings and word of mouth?

Maybe the sending out of cards needs to be slowed down (via a method like monzo’s golden tickets) to ensure that people who have cards are okay with the beta feel until Xinja can start rolling out features and updates regularly. When I first got Monzo, the fact that it stipulated it was in Beta meant I gave it some slack if it couldn’t do something I wanted yet, it felt like a work in progress.

Travel focused customers who come back from their travels to use Xinja are liable to ditch the card if it doesn’t have any interesting features for everyday life.

Unless Xinja wants to go on a big educational campaign (which they shouldn’t do, imo) to inform customers the reasons why UP is different to Xinja, it’s the front end App that is all (most) customers care about. And as they stand the UP app appears more ‘Unbanky’ than Xinja regardless of which one is a true Neo-bank.

If the main reason you’re not adding features now and waiting for the full banking licence is that features will need a large code overhaul to integrate with a full licence than that’s understandable but the Xinja app needs to stress to anyone downloading it that it is a Beta, not anywhere near the fully fledged app.
If the main reason is just funds allocation, well, I think there should be someone working on minor updates (watchOS, referrals, Apple Pay, adding a profile picture, moving the FAQ to in-app etc), if only so it feels like the app is alive but also so people who are willing to test features can give feedback and issues can be hashed out before the major accounts role out.

I might be way off base, but I have experienced the evolution and roll-outs of Monzo, Transferwise, Revolut and Starling. I just feel that Xinja might appear to be stale and stalling to the general consumer, those who aren’t keeping up with the behind the scenes work.

I’m invested in Xinja (twice!) but my concerns are showing. There isn’t really much community talk on the forums (there aren’t any features to talk about!), it seems like UP (regardless of whether Xinja views them as competition) is stealing some of the Neo-bank shine and all it might take is Revolut, Pelikin or Transferwise to put out an Aussie product with a neat app to move the spotlight off Xinja.
…which might happen sooner than I thought :confused:



Hey @Ka_Coffiney Max. We did actually bleat on about it being a beta however clearly not enough! We have had several hundred people thru the door pulling it to pieces and the learnings have been invaluable. However, what we didn’t do was to iterate the first version of the app nearly as much as we had intended to. Whatever the reasons for this, you’re right - it does not come across well and doesn’t engage people nearly enough. What we have done however is learn from this and the experience with the bank account will be different. We will have a lot more for customers to get their teeth into.